10 of the Best Instagram Hot Spots in Ibiza

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Publish Date: 07/11/2018

Wherever we travel to in the world,  we cannot help but want to visit the most desirable Instagram hot spots. Ibiza is an incredible island with so many stunning views, back drops and sites to see, but where to start? In today’s blog post we decided to give you a helping hand, and tell you where our favourite Instagram Hot Spots are on the island! Happy snapping! 

1.Es Vedra

Majestic Es Vedra, with her magnetic presence offers the most beautiful backdrops the island has to offer. A mysterious rocky island with no human inhabitants, shrouded with tales of aliens and sea nymphs, there is so much to be said about this place. 

2. Formentera

With crystal clear waters and endless white sandy beaches, the island of Formentera has plenty of Instagrammable views. Hire yourself a bicycle or a moped and explore all of this tiny island. If you head to the highest point, you can see all around the island and across to Ibiza. 


Once you find the hidden trail, not too far from the path leading up to Es Vedra viewing points, you will find Atlantis. A labyrinth of caves, rocks and sea pools, this place is a sight to behold. Popular with climbers, the route down is a fun hike and definitely worth the effort when you get to the bottom. 

4.Dalt Vila

Head to Ibiza Old town and climb the winding, cobbled steps of the old castle grounds, Dalt Vila. So much history behind the walls, and as you reach the top, you can see all across the city and marina. Just before the sun goes down, during the golden hour, the light is stunning and you can capture some beautiful photos here. 

5.Time and Space (Ibiza’s Version of Stonehenge)

Yes, that’s right, Ibiza has it’s very own stone henge. Time and Space, a sculpture created by artist Andrew Rodgers, made up of thirteen columns which allude to the trajectories of the planets moving around the sun above them.

6.Salt Lakes & Flamingos

Flocks of flamingos can be found here in Ibiza, you just need to take a drive to the salt lakes (head to wards the airport) and you will for sure spot them. It’s usually this time of year, toward the end of Summer and Autumn that they return to the island. 

7.Festival Club, abandoned amphitheatre 

The Festival Club is a secret hot spot. Many of us dream of the day that this area of land gets turned into an outdoor super club, but until then, enjoy the vast abandoned amphitheatre and all of the graffiti that comes with it. Lots of hidden spots to find your perfect Instagram angle. 

8. Sa Talaia

The highest point on the island, you can hike or drive up to the top. A popular spot for watching the sun rise. You can see right across both sides of the island, up here on the hill, the views are spectacular. 

9. Paradiso Art Club Hotel

New to Ibiza, Summer of 2018, this has fast become one of the most Instagrammed hotels of the season. With art deco interiors, and pink decor all round, the stunning design stands for no question whatsoever, it is perfect Instagram material. Influencers from all over the world have taken photos of this prime spot, and set the trend for photos, you cannot go wrong with this hotel. 

10. Ocean Beach Ibiza

Did you even go to Ibiza if you didn’t get a selfie with Wayne Lineker at his club Ocean Beach Ibiza? From the poolside beds, crazy entertainment, and the champagne bottles, this really is a haven for Instagram lovers.  Make sure you get a photo sipping on an Absolute Elyx cocktail, while relaxing on a VIP poolside bed. One way to make all of your friends’ jealous back at home.

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