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15 Spanish Words You Should Know in Ibiza

Luckily in Ibiza most people speak English as the island is mostly tourists and workers that do not live there all year round. As it’s a tourist island most workers speak English as well as 1 or 2 additional languages. It still comes in handy to know some basic Spanish to assist in communicating at supermarkets, banks etc.


Here are 15 Spanish words to help you on your holiday to Ibiza

Hello = Hola (o-la)

Goodbye = Adios (a-dyos)

My name is = Me llamo (me lya-mo)

How are you? = Que tal (ke tal)

Please = Por Favor (por-fa-vor)

Thank you = Gracias (gra-thyas)

You’re welcome = De nada (de-na-da)

Yes = si (see)

No = No (no)

OK = vale (va-le)

Exuse me/sorry = Perdon (per-don)

Cheers = Salud (sa-loo)

How much = Cuanto cuesta  (kwan-to kwes-ta)

Do you speak English? = Habla Ingles (ab-la een-gles)

I don’t speak Spanish = No Hablo espanol (no ablo es-pa-nyol)

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