Absolute Must Visits in Ibiza – Our Chiringuitos Hit List 2020 – Part 1

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Publish Date: 05/03/2020

Ibiza lures travellers and locals alike to spend lazy summer days simply soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying ‘The Good Life’ at trendy sun drenched Chiringuitos all throughout the summer season.

Blissful chill out zones are scattered sporadically across the island where individuals can sit in awe under the Mediterranean sun tucking into moorish menus and devouring through as many pleasurable cocktails as possible.

Chiringuitos here in Ibiza pop up in numerous coastline hotspots and vary tremendously in style; everything from small businesses built from little wooden shacks serving cervezas with bar snacks and light tapas bites, to fully renovated and authentic beach restaurants that come with a luxury lifestyle #hashtag.

At Ibiza Hire we find it really hard to define a simple few; but equally we have our personal favourites that we just keep returning to year after year; and of course we want to share them with you.


Ibiza Chiringuito No1 – Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito 

El Chiringuito Cala Gracioneta

Located on the west side of the island near to Sant Antonio de Portmany this charming beach bar and restaurant is perfectly anchored within its very own private beach cove – Cala Gracioneta. It’s secluded location is an absolute paradise of glistening crystaline waters on white grain sand, hidden among bowing pine trees and rock encasing walkways.

Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito has a typical natural boho-chic styling to its exterior design and decor with neutral soft earthy tones throughout, fringed lamps and thatched palm roofs. A total island hotspot and an increasingly popular venue for those opting for stylish bohemian weddings.

This Chiringuito is renowned for it’s super relaxing atmosphere and typical Ibiza lifestyle vibe. The menu is filled with outstanding mouth watering Mediteranean cuisine boasting of an array of seafood varieties and paella specialities. Their cocktails and smoothie bar are equally noteworthy; which gains both top marks for taste and presentation from us. The ultimate Instagram Heaven


Ibiza Chiringuito No2 –La Escollera Restaurant

La Escollera Ibiza

La Escollera is a stunning Beach Restaurant and Chiringuito Bar located on Es Cavallet Beach in the famed Ses Salines natural reserve area. The lengthy strip of perfect white sand against the deep turquoise blue of the Balearic Sea could quite easily have anyone believing La Escolera is set somewhere in The Bahamas. It really is no wonder this spot is a major island attraction with any table here guaranteeing the very best sweeping sea views.

La Escolera is a family run restaurant with over 20 years in business – their philosophy is heart warming and advocates for guests to feel perfectly at home; which is perhaps why they see a consistency in repeat business again and again.

Well known for their high quality and fresh produce as well as their wide variety of Mediterranean and Spanish menu options – La Escolera will have you watching every plate that passes by in absolute food envy. And, their Sangria’s, #wowsa

The venue holds a beautiful white modern contemporary setting with a variety of dining options from luxury chill out areas, prop up bar stalls and restaurant sit down tables – all fully serviced by their laid back yet efficient staff who are always stylishly uniformed in sailor resembling attire of blue and white.

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Ibiza Chiringuito No3 – Chirincana

Chrincana, probably the most relaxed and hippy orientated of all Chiringuito beach bars on the island. Located on the beach of Cala Martina, Santa Eulalia and part of the well known Camping La Playa Ibiza – this spot offers some super sea views looking towards the mountainside of Siesta, where beautiful pink sunset skies are a regular occurance.

The setting is simple and authentic in style with fringed umbrellas shading the park picnic bench tables and twinkling fairy lighting creating the perfect night lit ambience.

Aside from their famous and incredible Napoli stonebaked pizzas, Chirincana also offers a wide range of healthy menu options from breakfast through to the evening and boasts of the islands very best hummus and falafels on offer.

Perhaps the best day to visit is on a Wednesday, preferably in the afternoon or evening after the ‘Hippy Mercadillo’ which is situated just a short stroll away in the Punta Arabi area. The market pulls tourists from all over the globe who seem to head directly down to the Chiringuito thereafter.

On the hippy market day, vibrant live music plays well into the midnight hour and customers are seen perched all together sharing tables, dancing or floating between the beach and the venue itself. If you’re lucky enough, performers scout the area occasionally with fire breathing and epic shows for pure entertainment during the height of the season.

More to Come….

Ibiza is filled with a multitude of beach clubs, bars and restaurants that truly makes it impossible to see and visit them all whilst on vacation. But, nonetheless we will continue to keep you updated on our top favourites Chiringutos of Ibiza in our subsequent upcoming blogs, so you can plan and make a truly memorable travel adventure here in Ibiza with Ibiza Hire.

If you’re looking for assistance with any of your Ibiza holiday needs, be sure to drop us a line; everything from villas, equipment hire, weddings, boat charter and VIP tables is possible with us. Happy season 2020!

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