An Amazing Day On Board The San An Classic Yacht

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Publish Date: 20/07/2017

Here at Ibiza Hire we now have a new addition to the range of sailing yachts in our fleet of charter boats. As the owner of Ibiza Hire I was asked by one of our clients if I would like to come out on the yacht for a day to assess the features of the boat and how good a charter experience it offered. I obviously jumped at the opportunity to spend a day touring Ibiza from the sea so I enlisted some friends of mine and arranged to meet them at San Antonio. We would be heading out on the San An Classic Yacht to spend a day on the clear blue waters of Ibiza with exploration and relaxation the focus of our day out on the boat.

San Antonio Port

Our group all met as planned in San Antonio that morning and enjoyed the local scenery and chilled atmosphere before heading over to the marina and boarding the San An Classic Yacht. I could quickly see that this yacht would be perfect for a range of charter experiences, whether you are after a relaxing day on the water or something a little more adventurous such as cove exploration or touring the island at speed. We had just stepped onto a classic vintage wooden yacht, very spacious with a dedicated sunbathing deck and a fly bridge to truly take in the magnificent views. We thought the San An Classic Yacht had been designed only for chilled experiences but when we looked a little deeper and when the yacht departed from the San Antonio marina, we realised that it had been refurbished with a powerful twin engine, making it perfect for cruising the open seas of Ibiza, along with an excellent surround sound system which I quickly connected my iPod to.

Fun on San An Classic Yacht

We all cruised along, catching up and laughing amongst ourselves under the gorgeous sunshine while my ever-reliable playlist helped support the fun side of the occasion as it had done on other occasions before. We had asked the captain if we could take a popular course so we were heading West towards Cala Bassa and Cala Conte; beautiful beaches renowned for swimming and snorkeling in the exceptionally blue waters of the White Isle.

It didn’t take long before we had reached our destination and some way off the shore our crew dropped the anchor. We excitedly prepared ourselves to jump into the refreshing sea water, which quickly became a race to see who could take the first plunge. We explored the areas around the yacht and a little further afield, enjoying the variety of snorkeling equipment, bladefish and kayaks at our disposal. We even had the option to use the professional fishing equipment had we wanted to do so.


After the first ten minutes of swimming a couple of our group members decided they would rather spend their time on the huge sunbathing deck at the front of the yacht so they swum round to the swimming platform and climbed back on board towards the cushioned sun tan deck. About half an hour later the rest of us were satisfied with our time in the amazing Ibizan sea water so we joined the others on the sunbathing deck and continued our journey, with my playlist running the entire time.

Swimming near the Yacht

The crew who we were in full and friendly conversation with (right from our departure) took us out towards a nature reserve, Isla Conejera, where we sailed up close and personal to the local wildlife and beautiful scenery. He explained the land mass was about 1km across and although there was a lighthouse on the island it was uninhabited. We slowly cruised along, making the most of the unlimited cold drinks we had asked to be included as a recommended extra. This was a great little feature we were glad we had opted for and it included a range of beers, wines and soft drinks, along with some tasty snacks on-board. While we sipped our beverages, we took the time to admire the views and reflect on our journey so far.

As our time on the boat was coming to an end we headed back, slowly making our way towards the sunset strip enjoying the yacht, the water and the company for a little while longer. The crew were always available for advice on routes and to cater for any requirement we may have had, and speaking to the captain, he recommended the full day charter package, where he takes guests to Formentera for the day and further afield to Es Vedra, the mystical Ibizan rock.

Sunset on the Yacht

As we approached the strip in preparation to observe the famous Ibizan sunset with good food at Café Mambo we reflected further on the day and realised how much fun it was. The perfect day; relaxing fun and laughter on the beautiful waters of Ibiza.

If you want to spend a day at sea while you’re in Ibiza, I highly recommend the San An Classic Yacht Charter. Every requirement is catered for, all details are covered, nothing is too much trouble for the crew and the experience is simply amazing.

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