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Bambuddha Opening Party 2014

Bambuddha Ibiza

 Regeneration – Reconciliation – Reincarnation 

 Re-Opening Friday 11th April

Dear Friends,

Since 1999 when the Black Sheep of restaurants; Bambuddha, first opened her doors, she has often been overwhelmed by the demands and rhythm of seasonal Ibiza, the life-style of the residents and high expectations of the growing numbers of discerning multinational visitors, who seek to experience the Ibiza and Bambuddha phenomena.

It has been a tumultuous 15 years, from inception, as a spiritual social center for friends, to a Temple Restaurant.

We have enjoyed and tolerated Bambuddha through her growing pains, tantrums and chaos, disorderly conduct, infancy and terrible twos, pre-school years, junior high school, teens and middle age.

She has survived each test thrown at her, overcoming all obstacles, including the challenging refurbishment during the 2013 season and winter.

She is now grown-up and is blossoming into her most beautiful mature form.

She is healthy, wealthy and wise, Spiritually enlightened, lovingly sexual, gracious with her insecurity, her heart is open to harmonious evolution.

She humbly provides food and service, happily hosting fun parties and friends, in a joyous environment with a ‘Pirate-Buddha’ Tantra Philosophy

I trust that we fulfil our part for you to enjoy your most orgasmic Tribal – Ibiza decadent – summer.

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