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Comedy Night at Playa Bella for Jet Bou Festival 2013

Katherine Ryan

Last night’s comedy show at the Playa Bella, hosted by the Jet Bou festival, was a delightful change of scenery for our little island; although bringing 3 acts from the UK comedy scene to Ibiza was always set to have its challenges…

Everyone needs a laugh at the end of the day and the Ibiza audience wanted their own comedy central!

Rich Wilson was certainly not everyone’s cup of tea! His humour was poorly executed and most definitely aimed at the ’18-30 typical Ibiza’ party goers’ (-who were nowhere in sight, this is October after all). His set got off to a terrible start, with most jokes being made around his youthful ecstasy-taking days at raves around the UK; describing that ‘if you die from taking drugs, you were obviously taking them wrong’. It was cringe-worthy to say the least. His act was only saved by an older couple on the front row, with an insight into their sex life seeming to get more laughs from the crowd than Wilson himself.

Jet Bou Festival Ibiza

I’m sure Wilson has probably had much better gigs in the past and if he had done his homework on the crowd, then I am sure it would have been a success.

Brett Goldstein was next on stage; nervous at first, he struggled to overcome the flatness which had fallen around the Playa Bella. Most of Goldstein’s content was targeted around jokes about sex and pornography. With only a few laughs amongst the crowd, Goldstein seemed to give up after just a few minutes. Seemingly defeated, he asked the audience if they wanted him to just ‘F*** off’ and with a resounding YES, that was it for Goldstein!

The final performance of the night was Katherine Ryan. With the first two acts being somewhat of a disappointment, Ryan had a lot to prove.

Katherine Ryan Ibiza

Ryan was both potty mouthed and sharp witted, but above all she was  relevant. Her observation jokes about her daughter talking like a ‘black  gay man’ and constant references to Beyonce’s booty shaking, she had the audience in stitches. Her set could easily of gone on for another hour!

Ryan produced a 5-star performance. It was just a shame that Wilson  and Goldstein who were clearly talented comedians, hadn’t also sufficiently adapted  their sets to suit their audience.

Overall, this was a very positive evening to all involved and a credit to the organisers. We hope that this becomes a regular event on the Ibiza Calendar.


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