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Ibiza – An Island of Contrasts

There can’t be many places in the world quite like Ibiza.

Where else can you dance on a beach in the sun to the latest tunes, then drive for ten minutes and look at 2000 year-old Roman artefacts inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
If this is what you want to do, then Ibiza is that place. We’d suggest changing out of your budgie-smugglers first though!

Here at Ibizahire, we’re well known as being the first people you should contact regarding your visit to this beautiful island, but we’d never consider ourselves historians, so if you want to know about Phoenicians or Vandals, then Google is you friend!

Sticking with what we know, here we’ll look at a few points of interest when visiting Ibiza Old Town, or Dalt Villa as you’ll see it on many signs here.

We’d highly recommend you squeeze a trip to the Old Town into your schedule if at all possible. It’s suitable for young and old alike, although anyone unsteady on their feet may need help occasionally due to the steep climbs and cobblestones.

Comfortable footwear is a necessity.

There are two ways to get to the top of Dalt Villa. One steep, one not so steep! For anyone putting the time and effort into it, they will be rewarded with a spectacular view across the island upon their arrival at the summit.

When you start is important to the success of your walk. Two o’clock on an August afternoon is definitely not the most comfortable time!
Far better to commence mid-morning, spend some time during the hottest part of the afternoon looking around the myriad of shops in the shade of the buildings, or maybe eating lunch, then wander down when the sun is less severe at around 4pm.
If you have children with you, there’s no need to worry too much about traffic, as there are very few vehicles to be seen, and in many parts the roads are too narrow for even the smallest car, so it’s usually very tranquil.

So apart from admiring the beautiful views and marveling at Greek remains and buildings that don’t seem to have changed for hundreds of years, what else is of interest?

If you’re feeling fit and full of beans, enter across the drawbridge and turn right onto the main square to get a real feel for how little this ancient building has changed over the years. This entrance starts you upon the steeper climb of the two.

For those feeling a little less perky, then the other way in behind Plaza del Parque will be more suitable, but just as interesting.

Take your time meandering through the myriad of streets lined with fascinating old buildings (Some of which are converted into 5* hotels), shops selling jewellery, bric-a-brac and clothes, restaurants serving freshly-caught fish and bars where you can rest your weary feet for an hour or two!

Apart from the fantastic view once you’ve completed your walk to the top of the ramparts, you’ll be able to admire the beautiful Santa Maria de las Nieves cathedral, completed in 1592. Close by is the Archaeological Museum, where you can view artefacts going back to the earliest days of Ibiza.

So, food, drink, shopping, history and hotels. What else does Dalt Villa have to offer?

Well, amongst other things, in the evenings during June to September, parts of this normally quiet, sleepy area of town are transformed. Vibrant, hedonistic bars offer drinks and entertainment to the more liberal-thinking visitors, and stay open until the early hours.

Standing on a quiet, narrow cobbled street, it’s hard not to imagine a Roman centurion, clad in armour, keeping a vigilant lookout across the Mediterranean Sea for one of the many invaders from far-away lands.

Life for some people on this part of the island has stood still in many ways, and probably won’t change much in the future.

Why no visit Dalt Villa and experience a different age for yourself?

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