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Ibiza Attractions: Can Marca Caves

When you delve outside the usual tourist spots of Ibiza, you can find some of the most amazing spectacles that the world has to offer. Even upon entry to the bay of San Miguel your breath will be taken away by the panoramic view of sun, sea and sand. Take a stroll along the coastal footpath and prepare yourself for the beauty inside the Can Marca caves. Ibiza will suddenly seem a long way away when you enter the 100,000 year old caverns.


Ibiza’s Can Marca caves were formed by withstanding both tropical heat waves and ice ages. The contents appear to be nearly completely fossilised. If you venture far enough in, you can still find drippings that form stalactites to this day. There is a large amount of human history attached to them too. Can Marca was allegedly discovered by pirates and smugglers who used the hideaway as the perfect storage for their treasures. There are openings to the cave that are only 5 to 10 metres above sea level, allowing easy access from the water. Some of the original people who walked through these caves left marks that can still be seen today. Look out for the faded paint marks from many years ago, that still indicate various ways out.


The caves really do make you feel as if you are taking a trip back in time, when Ibiza was merely a stop off point in the Mediterranean. Bones and fossils of extinct species native to the Mediterranean lands can be seen, some of which have been featured in the Natural History Museum. The water beds and cascades inside the caves have even been fossilised. When you next visit Ibiza, a visit to Can Marca caves in San Miguel should be scheduled as something different to do during the day.

The surrounding area is interesting too in other ways, with the Murada island visible from the shore. With even more prehistoric forms to be found here and a unique species of the colourful muradenis lizard; you will return home knowing you have seen a lot more of Ibiza than most people. San Miguel is located in the north of the island and is best reached by car. Why not hire your own and see what else the island has to offer?

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