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Ibiza Attractions: Ibiza Churches

Ibiza has churches scattered across the entire island. Every town has its own church that is typically Spanish in design. The sharp cornered flat roofs would make you believe that they never see any rainfall, as the white walls gleam under the Mediterranean sun. The talent of the architects and sculptors is clear to see, even from the exterior. The wonder of what lays beneath these bell towers will intice you to find out what is inside. Despite so many churches in Ibiza, their proximity allows you to browse several in one day. Hiring a car for a day out will make for an inexpensive and interesting look into what else Ibiza can offer.


The island of Ibiza was often the subject of attack by sea in less peaceful times. It was seen as a useful stop off point by pirates and regularly saw its coastline invaded. The necessity of churches in Ibiza was often more for safety than religious purposes. A haven which would not have its treasures reaped by invaders was important for locals. For a long time the wealthiest possessions of Ibiza were housed inside the islands inland churches, some of which can still be seen today.


In the modern day, Ibiza is even becoming popular as a wedding location for the people that have grown to share a mutual love of the island. The more traditional approach if you were to choose Ibiza for your wedding, would of course be a church. If you prefer a more exotic tint to your special day, we have a history of organising ceremonies at beaches, cliff tops and even overlooking Es Vedra. There are plenty of churches that could be the setting for your Ibiza wedding, but if you have any other ideas please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help.

English speaking churches can be found too. The churches of San Rafael and Sant Eulalia are both used by the vicar of Ibiza’s English Speaking Church, for weddings and often masses. The church of Sant Eulalia is in an especially beautiful setting. Its hilltop location offers some stunning views over the eastern coast of the island. Inland, the churches of San Carlos and San Jose are perfect examples of a typical Ibicencan church, in a typical Ibicencan village. The priests of both speak Spanish and English, making them also a possible location for weddings. Our favourite church location is high on the top of the Es Cubelles hilltops. The panoramic views are simply spectacular, looking out to the Mediterranean Sea and Formentera. Like the aforementioned, Es Cubelles church also has a priest that speaks English as well as Spanish.

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