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Ibiza Attractions: Ibiza In Winter

A lot of people probably wonder what happens in Ibiza during the winter. When the closing parties come to an end, masses of Ibiza summer lovers head home. But what of the islands all year round residents? There are a number of things to look forward to over the cooler months, which are still on average close to 20 degrees. Here are some of our favourite dates that might tempt you to become an Ibiza resident yourself:


Not long after the summer finishes you can find the island becomes a real horror show for Halloween. One of the most popular events is at the famous Pikes Hotel ? Ibiza Rocks House. The venue turned ‘Vamp‘ this year and the talk of the island was centered around this event. A must if you are in Ibiza during late October.


Ibiza does Christmas in style. Every street is lit up and every town has its own tree and festivities. Absolutely everyone joins in. Each shop will have a red carpet stretched out in front of it and many boast their own decorations and nativity scenes. In Ibiza, you get the feeling that this is how Christmas really should be done. You can find markets and activities for children and lots of late night shopping, incomparable to the UK. One big talking point is the Christmas Day swim across San Antonio Bay. Taken part in by lots of brave souls and watched by even more.


New Years Eve

Not long after Christmas the island is back into party mode as if it was still summer. In 2013 we are privileged to have Marco Carola’s Music On at Amnesia as the main event and DC10 opens its doors on New Years Day. A lot of people are expected to fly out for this one, make sure you are one of them! Contact us for VIP tables to make it the most special night of the year.


Three Kings Day

Ibiza is never short of bank holidays and fiestas. It seems they will find any excuse to host a celebration and who can blame them? One of the most famous of Ibiza’s festivals is The Three Kings Day on January 5th. The celebrations carried out on this day are nothing short of phenomenal, all in the name of The Three Wise Men: Gaspar representing Europe, Melchor from Asia, and Baltasar from Africa.

San Antonio Flower Power

In the middle of January, San Antonio’s West End fully opens up for its biggest celebration of the winter: Flower Power. The streets are rolled back to the 1960’s and the costumes that can be seen on the night are simply incredible. The end of the night leads to the big tent which is erected by the fountains for a huge late night party. If you don’t make it this year, Pacha host a similar night during the summer months.

Pancake Day Festival

Shrove Tuesday is of course celebrated by the English community on the island with traditional pancakes. At lunchtime however there is a big parade in San Antonio which sees floats and marches designed by local schools and groups. You can really see some interesting sights, this is like no parade in England. The march can best be seen from the entrance to San Antonio harbour.

St Patrick’s Day

You can even find a cause to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ibiza. With the summer approaching ever closer, a lot of the West End’s bars open and can be seen decked with green. The most popular venue on the night is as expected The Huddle Bar, but Entice and The Fisherman’s are also usually packed too.


San Jose Flower Power

The beautiful village of San Jose comes alive for it’s take on Flower Power at the end of March. You can find the streets lined with food and drink stalls and a grand stage in the main square. The beauty of San Jose’s winding streets make it a perfect setting for such an event, although you may be a little overwhelmed – in a good way.

St. Georges Day

Just before the start of the summer comes a big get together for Ibiza’s English community. The St. George’s Cross flies proudly above San Antonio and a fête reminiscent of an English village green is enjoyed by hundreds. Last year fish and chips were on offer, an England vs Rest of the World football match and even an appearance from Chas Smash of the legendary band Madness made the top of the bill for a fun packed day in Ibiza. The best thing about this event of course is that summer is right around the corner.


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