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Ibiza Attractions: Parque Natural de Ses Salines D´Eivissa i Formentera

Ibiza’s most successful long-serving trade is in the mineral of salt. In fact in 634BC, the Phoneticians were making the most of the salt fields after settling close to Eivissa in Carthage. Even deeper into history, the Roman conqueror who would take on the nickname ‘Balearicus’, also tool up the salt mining production that he found up arrival. One of Ibiza’s most desirable beaches; Las Salinas can be found here too.


Las Salinas Beach

During the summer, Las Salinas becomes a popular stretch of sand for knowledgeable visitors to Ibiza; especially the more affluent. Dubbed by some as a footballers beach, but with visits from the likes of British Prime Minister David Cameron on holiday, it shows the range of people that enjoy Las Salinas. The beauty of its location is the neighbouring wildlife preservation area and the natural beauty of the salt fields has been left undisturbed by a somewhat over-saturation of hotels close by. You can find yourself spending a lot of time investigating what is along the way to the old watchtower, which is 1.5km away at the other end of the beach. The stylish bars and restaurants are not plentiful and are all more premium venues, bringing you cocktails out to your sunbeds. Being such a popular part of the island, there is a big car park inland from the beach and should be top of your list if you hire a car in Ibiza.

Parque Natural de Ses Salines D´Eivissa i Formentera

Over 11 hectares in the Mediterranean Sea, joining Ibiza and Formentera is a recognised World Heritage UNESCO site. With more than 75% of the natural park being in the Mediterranean Sea, you can find the Parque Natural de Ses Salinas adjacent to southern Ibiza’s salt fields. The underwater point of interest is the Posidonia Oceanica plant that can provide oxygen for different maritime organisms. Elsewhere to be seen are flamingos, shelducks and many other sea birds, that call this natural park home. Ibiza’s famous trademark lizards are also seen here in large numbers. The park is the focal point of one of the most amazing destinations on the island and there are so many factors to make Ses Salines an must for any visit to Ibiza.



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