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Ibiza Attractions: Sunset Strip

If you ask anyone who has a space in their heart for Ibiza, to close their eyes and think of the island; they will probably think of ‘Sunset Strip’. Celebrated every single night of the summer by thousands gathering to pay homage to one of natures most beautiful gifts to Ibiza. From most resorts along the western coast of Ibiza you can witness the sunset, Sunset Strip is however the largest area dedicated to this spectacle. You can find a string of bars that open all day, serving some of the most prestigious food and drinks anywhere in Ibiza. The masses begin to assemble in the early evening, so make sure you allow enough time to get a good spot, see our sunset times schedule so you are never too late.

The entire stretch is composed of socially brilliant bars. In fact just taking a stroll down the walkway that they all share, feels as if you have made hundreds of new friends, come the end of it. The most famous of them all historically was Café del Mar, who to this day maintain their original style maintaining this bar as one of a kind. In recent years, Café Mambo has risen to the forefront by offering a more energetic atmosphere. Their collaboration with Pacha has made most nights at Café Mambo a pre-party for the club, with many of their famous DJs coming down to perform. Savannah has a wonderful menu and is a great place to start, if you do consider spending a few hours here.

If you are feeling adventurous one night, Sunset Strip’s infamous walkway now leads all the way to Kanya with Cala Gracio and Graci0neta just a stones through from here. The whole area is lucky to have so many amazing places to watch the sunset. Try and arrange to see some more of the best sunset locations during your time on the island.

An increasingly popular way to soak up the atmosphere on Sunset Strip is on the water. Close enough to be part of the crowd and listen to the Mambo music, but with the private luxury of rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the waves. This is potentially the most enjoyable way to find out what Sunset Strip is really all about. Find out about our sunset boat charters availability for the perfect start to your night in Ibiza.

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