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Ibiza by Car: 2014 Edition

Although Ibiza is a small island, the entirety of it provides countless attractive locations. From the southern tip salt mines of Ses Salinas to the northern Benirras sunset drummers, there is plenty to see. The longest journey to either side of the island is Cala d’Hort to Cala de St. Vincent which takes less than an hour in a car. The journey would take nearly 10 hours to walk, which gives an idea of the benefit of having a vehicle on the island to take in as much of Ibiza as possible. Each journey offers winding roads that are more reminiscent of a roller coaster than a map. There is much more to offer than the usual tourist resorts of San Antonio, Eivissa and Playa D’en Bossa.


The first stops to familiarise yourself with the island should be some of the many inland villages. Ibiza has some wonderful coastlines, but the quaint and tranquil villages set in the hills are all equally beautiful. The most notable is San Jose, which is easily reached on the route between Eivissa and San Antonio. San Jose is a real example of a traditional thriving Ibicenco village. They boast their own football team and host a Flower Power festival annually. Nearby is the tallest summit on the island: Sa Talaia. From this vantage point there are panoramic views of the entire island which make for spectacular viewing at sunrise or sunset. A larger town that is a more soothing tourist destination than some others is Santa Eulalia, found a short distance north of Eivissa (Ibiza Town). Some of the island’s residents have even been known to choose Santa Eulalia for a holiday!

Ibiza Towns and Villages


There are over 60 beaches in Ibiza that are arguably all worth seeing. This is clearly quite a task though, especially when visiting the island for a holiday. The most popular beaches for tourists are Playa D’en Bossa on the east coast and several of the beaches around San Antonio. Cala Bassa just outside San Antonio is always very busy during the summer. To find more secluded beaches it just takes a bit of knowledge and a relatively good sense of direction. All of Ibiza’s beaches are signposted from the road when you are in the vicinity. An example of a more intimate stretch of sand is Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta, just north of San Antonio. They are smaller, more personal beaches that are renowned by locals as being two of the best in the area. Conveniently they are located next door to each other.

Other beaches of interest are plentiful. In the north of the island, Benirras has become famous for its drummers which see off the sunset each day in the most delightful way. The Ses Salinas salt mines on the south cost is Ibiza’s oldest trade and quite a sight. The journey there takes you along a road which winds through acres of salt water being mined. The celebrated Ibiza sunset can be seen in all its glory from numerous beaches, a trip South of San Antonio to beaches like Cala Vadella gives visitors a chance to see it in real tranquility.

Attractions and Landmarks

You won’t find any Pyramids or Eiffel Towers here, but the island is proud to have its own landmarks that are unique to Ibiza. The most prominent is found in the capital. The Dalt Vila castle was originally constructed to protect the people of Ibiza, but now welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The fortress is home to numerous restaurants and shops and the summit can be reached, offering amazing views of the harbour and the rest of the island.

Elsewhere during the daytime there are a number of attractions that can easily fill a day with entertainment. The water-park next to Space is a popular place to cool off in the sun. Every Wednesday in the small village of Es Cana the notorious Hippy Market will enter its 41st year on the island in 2014. A day can be spent browsing the wares in what has become one of Ibiza’s oldest institutions.

Perhaps Ibiza’s most famous landmark is its most natural. Es Vedra is the rock that shoots out of the Mediterranean, just off the western coast of the island. It has become a place or interest, tourism and in some cases worship. There are many tales attached to this interesting and beautiful natural sight, some say it was the Island of Sirens in the famous Homer Odyssey. One proven mysterious feature is that the island has its own magnetic pulse, rendering compasses useless around it.

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