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Ibiza Clubs: Booom!

A question on a lot of peoples minds for 2013 is which venue is going to light Ibiza up this year? Each visitor to the island is always looking for that exclusive venue, that provides an explosive atmosphere all season. In 2013 the fuse has been lit for Ibiza’s newest talking point: Booom! The club-in-progress was formerly known as Bomba but a clever marketing ploy has seen the name changed to Booom! in recognition of the explosion it is about to make.

The ticking noise behind Giuseppe Cipriani’s new project have echoed across every resort and Ibiza-lovers are keen to find out what all the hype is about. Booom! partner and music programmer Danny Whittle says, “It has been such a pleasure for myself, Mark and our team to work with Giuseppe on Booom! It’s been a long road but now we are so ready for a summer of great music, company and fun.“ For such any new venue connected to a figure of clubbing knowledge such as Danny Whittle, Booom! really is set for an explosive opening year. The man behind it all, Giuseppe Cipriani has high expectations for this summer: “I am looking forward to a summer of great music, wonderful artists and the energy of this terrific island. We put a lot of love in this project and I hope people will feel it!” The date of July 9th has been set as the night Booom! will explode onto the scene.

Giuseppe Cipriani
Every Tuesday after the big opening sees Chaos Colores by Tom and Danni King with Behrouz – some of the finest underground music on the island infused with special surprise guests. Wednesdays will see the talented Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano take up their debut residency with Sexy by Nature. Legendary club night Circus comes to Booom! on Thursdays with the night’s founder Yousef resident alongside his guests each week such as Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Scuba and Guti.

Weekends will begin to mean something in Ibiza at Booom! Saturdays boast the high profile artists that Defected In The House will bring. Expect the likes of Disclosure, Dimitri From Paris and MK to name a few. Things get even better on the day of rest, Vagabundos on Sundays will see the much loved Luciano and guests providing the extra boom to Booom! 2013. Monday nights will be known as Eject with Swedish duo Cazzette confirmed as resident DJs and some superstar guests are expected to join them. Andy Baxter, the 2012 DJ Awards Ibiza Resident winner has been installed as the club’s first resident DJ and his musical diversity reflects the club’s programme. Friday residency to be announced soon.

Danny Whittle

It looks like Booom! have quite the year ahead for them with that line up. The main focus behind its birth is firmly towards the informed clubber. The high-spec, bespoke sound system was designed exclusively for Booom!, having been developed and engineered for the club by the audio industry’s most professional company, Pioneer. As for clientèle, the club positions itself as a premium, top-level venue but without that exclusive limitation. Far from a VIP-only club, only 30% of its full capacity will be allocated to tables. Of course a new venue with the prestigious backing of Whittle and Cipriani will no doubt attract numerous famous faces. The intimate VIP area may be the place for you, get in touch to find out how. The emphasis will remain on the dance floor. Style, quality and innovation have been targeted as Booom!’s core values – to provide the visitor with a unique and luxurious clubbing experience, featuring the world’s most renowned DJs at a truly remarkable venue. Booom! is situated in Ibiza old town and will undoubtedly bring a new flavour of life to the area. Why not celebrate the start of a new era by arriving in style?

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