Ibiza Excursions: Es Vedra


The mythical rock of Es Vedra resides on one of the most magnetic poles on the earth. Rising 380 metres out of the water, it is constructed entirely of limestone. The oddities which surround this unusual landmark are similar to that of the Bermuda Triangle. The unexplainable energy it generates, renders it virtually impossible to get an accurate compass reading, and the instruments have been known to cease working completely. Es Vedra is inhabited primarily by goats, lizards and birds and is also home to the endangered Eleanora’s Falcon colony. Although humans have visited, no one has ever been known to take up residence. The only exception is a short spell in 1855 when a Carmelite Friar, Francis Palau y Quer stayed for a short time after his exile from Catalonia; when he claims to have seen a vision of an angelic girl.

It is a place of magical beauty and the legends which surround it are varied and plentiful. Many believe it to be the island of the sirens from Homer’s Odyssey, where men perished on its rocky shores. Others see it as the holy island of Tanit, the home of the Carthaginian Goddess of Love, and to this day she is considered a patroness of Ibiza. Some believe it to be the tip of the lost city of Atlantis, which is sometimes, linked the old Ibcencan hippies belief that it is an ancient landing place for ‘inter-galactics’. Es Vedra is also the setting for one of Ibiza’s most told fables. Ronadalles, tells of ‘Es Gegant des Vedra’, ‘The Giant of Es Vedra’. This is the tale of two brothers who sought to cure their ailing father by gathering rock samphire on the island. They were nearly thwarted by the giant, who took residence in one Es Vedras caves, but using cunning and ingenuity they defeated him and went onto cure their father!

In more recent popular culture, the island still receives much acclaim. Images of this much talked about place have been featured across the world. You will find its rocky precipices on the front cover of Mike Oldfield’s 1996 LP Voyager. It was also used as the setting for the magical Bali Hali in popular musical South Pacific. You can even find the sounds of Es Vedra on track one ‘La Hacienda’, on Ibiza hero Tiesto’s ‘Search of Sunrise 6:  Ibiza.’

The lofty sights of this not to be missed attraction can be seen from both land and sea. For land lovers, you can hire a car and travel out to Cala d’Hort beach, where you can climb up past the old fort to see the panoramic views. Alternatively, hiring a boat allows you to get much closer to these venerated visions. The sunset by sea is truly spectacular and with Es Vedra in the background it is sure to take your breath away.



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