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Ibiza Excursions: Sa Talaia


Have you ever been as high as you could possibly be in Ibiza? If you have not seen the beauty of the island from the vantage point of Sa Talaia, then the answer is no. Difficult to reach, it is one of Ibiza’s gems that requires a certain degree of skill and determination to reach the summit. Sa Talaia is located in the municipality of Sant Josep, it also gives the district its full name of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. The mountain soars above the rest of the island and is visible from most places. The Catalan word Talaia is thus aptly translated to ‘watchtower’. Sa Talaia rises around 474 metres above sea level making for the most spectacular views of both the sunrise and sunsets of Ibiza.

Close by, you of course have the village of Sant Josep, and not too far are the quaint villages of Es Cubelles and San Jordi. We recommend that you stop off in one of these villages for some food as climbing the mountain can be very hungry work! As the mountain is quite central on the island, nowhere is any more than about a 15 to 20 minute drive, San Antonio being the closest of the big towns. San Jose is also home to the Ses Selines Nature Park, which could be a great way to carry on your outdoor activities. If you have a love of mountain biking, the terrain around this area is perfect for this kind of pursuit.

There is no real accommodation to speak of nearby to the climax of the mountain. Whether you are in a San Antonio apartment or an Eivissa villa, the trip to Sa Talaia is worth making at least for one sunset while you are on the island. The mountain can be accessed by car, although the incline up the road will take some mastering. Some visitors prefer to leave their car at the bottom and make their way up by foot. This does unsurprisingly take a lot longer and you could be looking at a hike that will take the best part of an hour. Once you get to the top however, the journey will seem one of the most worthwhile things you have ever done. The word panoramic does not do the view justice. As you look down upon the hectic San Antonio, the landmarks you can pick out will be reminiscent of an aerial postcard picture. A must see for Ibiza veterans and newcomers alike.


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