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Every summer people from all over the world move to the party island of Ibiza to call it their home for an experience they will never forget. The party capital of the world is a great opportunity for students in their gap year or for people wanting to make it in the music and events industry. Being paid to work in such a paradise is a dream come to for so many.
Anyone that has ever worked a season in Ibiza however, will not only talk about the amazing party culture. They will tell you about the amazing people, the paella, over 2000 years of history and the amazing beaches; there is so much more to Ibiza than partying. At your doorstep you have over 40 beaches to visit with crystal clear turquoise waters, some of the most famous clubs in the world, an energy you cannot explain you can only feel and new friends waiting to meet you. Even after 2 full seasons on the white isle I still have so many beaches, restaurants and bars I am yet to experience; the island seriously never sleeps! Moving to Ibiza to work was the best decision I ever made.

The friends you make in Ibiza become your brothers and sisters, they become family. They come from all over the world, enabling you to learn about each other’s culture, language barriers force you to learn new ways of communicating, the job itself forces you make new friends, it makes you see the world in a completely new way. The life skills you learn are something that you will hold onto for the rest of your life. For most people one season in Ibiza isn’t enough. The culture is care free and all the workers become one big happy family. Most workers will say Ibiza is like their second home.

There are so many jobs in Ibiza, but there are just as many people looking for work. The competition is high so you need to find a way to stand out. Simply type in Ibiza Jobs in Google and so many will come up. There are also lots of useful groups and pages on Facebook also. Ultimately to land the best jobs will be through word of mouth; there are so many jobs not promoted. If you plan on doing a few seasons in Ibiza you will find that every year the opportunities will grow with your network.  Applying for a job in Ibiza is no different to any job you would apply for. Make sure your applications are relevant to the position you have applied for, do research on the company and prove to the potential employer why they should hire you. Make sure you come early in the season (May) as this is when most of the castings take place.

What types of jobs are there in Ibiza?

  • Bar tenders
  • Shot girls
  • Holiday reps
  • PR’s
  • DJ’s
  • Dancers
  • Ticket sellers
  • Waiters
  • Chefs
  • Hotel reception
  • Parade girls
  • Drivers
  • Journalists
  • Photographers
  • Security guards
  • Massage therapists
  • And many more


Key tips:

  • To secure the best jobs get to Ibiza early in May
  • Make sure you have some savings in the bank for when you first arrive
  • Network as much as you can so you can secure yourself guest list at the clubs for when you want to go out
  • Just because tourists pay top price for food it doesn’t mean you have to. Ask around for cheap meals for workers.
  • Always carry passport photos on you as you might meet someone that can make you a season pass for one of the clubs
  • Make sure you have travel insurance to protect yourself and your property


Job boards

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Apply now

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Straight from the island

Ash Ahmadi – Managing Director of Capadi Rebels

We hope to open people’s eyes and show that working a summer in Ibiza can be great life experience. For us Ibiza represents freedom and opportunity which are the reasons behind the ‘University of Life’. The island has so much to offer and you can get so much out of working with cool, like-minded people. We’ve had a great reaction so far and look forward to finding new talent to join our team.

Jimmy Valencia, Afro-Tribal Dj & Content Producer for HFM Ibiza.

My advice to those wishing to get a good summer job in Ibiza for the 1st time would be come to the island as early as possible to mingle with the residents for at least a good 2-3 months before the season starts to find out about the good summer opportunities. The 1st year is the hardest as you don´t know many people on the island, but I can tell ya that it gets much easier the more you come, or especially if you live here during the winter as well!

Nicola Porra – Italian DJ living in Ibiza playing gigs all over the island

Be open-minded, look around you and go for what you like, it’s what I did the first time I got here and it worked for me.

Emma Tyndall – Simmering Shots

I am very busy when I arrive in Ibiza so the girls that really chase me down for the jobs I like. Constantly messaging me etc shows they are persistent and makes me want to give them a chance no matter what time of the season it is. Persistence is a characteristic of a good sales person which is essential. Girls that won’t give up and can achieve targets.

Gino Ibiza – Raving entrepreneur

Living and working in Ibiza is about coming out of your comfort zone. Dropping fears to do new things, taking obstacles as challenges, building honest based relationships and working continuously on your network. If you want to last on the island forever you have to give the best of yourself, your success will mainly depend on your attitude.

Nathan Viva – VIVA The Number 1 Workers Bar

You are a worker; you should be getting into the clubs for free. If you are paying for them, you are a tourist! Most jobs should be able to sort you out with guest list or season passes for the clubs. At Viva we have Workers Wristbands. If you are a worker, for a small fee (€1-€3 depending on when you get them) you can buy a wristband and then with that band, you will be able to buy drinks for less than half price for the rest of the year in Viva Bar.




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