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Ibiza On Lock Down – Entering Phase 1

Ibiza On Lock Down - Entering Phase 1

After a week of being in Phase O Ibiza now moves into the next stage of the de-escalation process. From Monday 11th  we enter phase 1 – but what does does that mean?

Here is a brief overview of the de-escalation procedures are effecting Ibiza. Updates will follow as changes to this are happening frequently.

Regarding International travel the government have commented that it will not be advisable to open international borders before July. This will be considered once all de-escalation measures within Spain have been completed and people can freely move within Spain.

Ibiza On Lock Down – Entering Phase 1

We are allowed to move freely throughout the island
We can now move freely throughout Ibiza to visit bars, restaurants, cafes and certain shops.  No time restrictions are places and this can be made at any time of the day.

Exercise slots currently stay the same
The Balearic government maytweak the time slots but at present are:-

Exercise (walk/run/cycle) between 6am &10am and between 8pm & 11pm
With children this must be between 12pm and 19pm
Seniors over 70 or those requiring care assistance between 10am-12pm & 19:00-20:00.

So this would mean at 10am you would have to stop running but could walk onto the terrace of a bar for a beer ?????

Restaurants, cafes & bars can open their terraces at 50% capacity
A big one…. Restaurants cafes and bar can open their terraces at 50% of normal capacity. Maximum number of people for a table is 10.

No menus can be provided and items such as serviette dispensers, toothpicks, condiment dispensers are not allowed.  Not good if you’re a ketchup fan? Single sachets are ok.

Extra hygiene procedures have to be in place including disinfecting of premises twice per day.
Ibiza On Lock Down - Entering Phase 1

Hotels & Touristic accommodation can reopen with NO limits on rooms!
Hotels, apartments and touristic accommodation such as villas can reopen with no limits on rooms – previously this was believed to be at 50% capacity. This is a strange one as no tourists can yet travel to the island either from mainland Spain or outside of the country.

If the hotel / accommodation offers food as part of their normal services then this is possible to offer this. during Phase 1 no communal areas/hotel restaurants can be used.

In theory if you do stay in hotel then you would only be allowed to stay in room except for your designated time slot.

Increased hygiene and sanitation is required.

Ibiza On Lock Down - Entering Phase 1

Attendance to church allowed at 30% capacity
For those of you who have being saving up your sins…. Now is the time………

Retail spaces with 400m2 or less are allowed to open
Shops with less than 400m2 of retails space can open. It has to be possible to enter the shop directly from the street (not passing through a shopping centre / park area etc)
Extra hygiene procedures have to be in place at all times

Ibiza On Lock Down – Entering Phase 1 – Further Points 

Street markets are allowed to be open at 25% capacity
Museums can open at 30% capacity
Funeral / Wakes now limited to 15 people in open air spaces and 10 in closed spaces
Active tourism is permitted
Garden centers, ITV (M.O.T) testing stations can open

Ibiza On Lock Down - Entering Phase 1

Information taken from El Pais, BOE (The Official Government Website) and information translated by island resident Lesley Donald

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