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Ibiza Rocks, Rocks Ibiza!

Looking at Ibiza now, it’s hard to believe that not too long ago, there were very few places where you could go to enjoy live music while on holiday, especially if you wanted to see one of the more popular acts.

Now, it seems, everyone’s in on it.

This season alone, we’ve seen the likes of Public Enemy, Elton John, Jessie J and Tinie Tempah on stage, and many of the big superclubs now have regular performances by massive artists.

But when did this trend towards people wanting more live music start taking place?

I’m sure everyone’s heard of Ibiza Rocks and their hotel, but you may not know that before those came Ibiza Rocks Bar, and before that, Bar M and Manumission.

Bar M, so-called because of its link with the infamous Manumission night at Privilege, was a beach-side bar and diner located on the paseo, right next to Arenal beach in San Antonio.

Ibiza Rocks originally came from humble beginnings in the back room of Manumission, then in 2005 a stage was constructed at Bar M, and it was here that the face of live music in Ibiza was changed forever.

That first year saw, amongst others, Kaiser Chiefs and The Kooks play, and between 2005 and 2007, when Ibiza Rocks hotel opened, you could have seen such stellar names as Kasabian, The Futureheads and Arctic Monkeys, smashing it live, just inches from your face.

It’s hard to resist the tenuous link between ‘smashing it’ and Pete Doherty’s appearance at Bar M in 2005!

After performing his solo set, Pete decided to ‘modify’ his guitar, newly bought just the day before and presented to him by the owners of Manumission as a gift. In true rock’n’roll tradition, and probably being somewhat ‘over-refreshed’, he took exception to the fact that (possibly) his guitar strap was a little too tight, swung the guitar over his head, and smashed the body onto the stage.

It was obviously a very well-made guitar, as it took him more than a couple of attempts to reduce it to something that The Who would be proud of.

The remains can now be viewed, protected from further damage, inside a polycarbonate case in the bar upstairs.

2008 saw the opening of Ibiza Rocks Hotel, and the brand moving most of their live shows to a much bigger and better-equipped venue…..next to a swimming pool! Rock’n’roll baby, yeah!

Friendly Fires, The Enemy, Keane, Florence and the Machine, Ian Brown, The Prodigy, The Specials and Madness are just some of the top-quality acts to have set foot on what must be one of the most atmospheric stages in Ibiza.

Thousands of moshing people in front of the stage, people dancing on their hotel-room balconies, and nothing above but a dark blue, starry, night sky.

What a fantastic way to experience your favourite artist!

I don’t suppose many people, even those in the back room of Manumission in 2004, would have envisaged Ibiza Rocks’ effect upon the spectrum of music that would be seen in Ibiza in future years.

Ibiza Rocks’ successful formula has seen it grow into three hotels, two bars and diners, shops and a fashion range.

It’s a ‘must-do’ if you’re visiting Ibiza at any time during the Summer, and because of their careful choice of artists, there’s usually something for everyone each season, young or old.

If you’re staying at the hotel, and you choose your room carefully, you’ll get a view of the stage. If you’re staying elsewhere, and you need tickets for any of the Ibiza Rocks events, please contact us with your requirements.

Here at Ibizahire, we’re getting excited about seeing New Order on the Ibiza Rocks stage very soon. It’ll probably be the musical highlight of the season for most, if not all of us, and a chance to do some bad dancing and, along with many others, reminisce about  being at the Hacienda. Even though we weren’t!

Hope you can make it too!

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