Ibiza Villa Booking Tips: Ibiza’s Summer Fiestas

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Publish Date: 15/11/2018

Use our Ibiza villa booking tips to make a great holiday better still. Any time is a good time to visit, but timing your trip to coincide with one of Ibiza’s Summer fiestas adds a whole new layer of added interest, fun and value.

Ibiza Villa Booking Tips

San Antonio Fireworks during Saint Bartholomew Fiestas

What exactly is a fiesta?

Most people will know the word fiesta in reference to having a party, but in this context it means so much more.

Spain has national holidays known as Fiestas. Similar to British bank holidays except that whereas the UK version involves a day off and dashing out to the garden centre between downpours, in Spain the day off is often marked with a public party too. In addition to the national fiestas, there are also some specific to the region, in Ibiza’s case the Balearic Islands.

The national and regional holidays add up to a good number of days already, but we haven’t even started yet.

After the national & regional fiestas come the Island wide fiestas, and after that fiestas for each of Ibiza’s five municipalities and additionally some individual towns and villages.

The local fiestas are always centred around a main Saints’ day, but the programme of events for each local fiesta can extend from a few days either side of the Saints day, up to a month or more.

So as you can see, that’s a whole lot of fiestas.

What happens during fiestas?

All sorts. There is something for pretty well everybody.

OK if your checklist for an Ibiza holiday is centred entirely on the biggest nights at the biggest clubs, or you are intent on basting on the beach for every hour of sunshine you might not see Ibiza’s summer fiestas as having much to offer you – but don’t dismiss it out of hand.


Santa Gertrudis Fiestas – even a small village has an extensive fiesta programme

Even if there isn’t anything on our list you would let interrupt the dancing/sunbathing, it is still worth knowing when they are to know when banks, pharmacies etc are closed.

Typically local fiestas will include …

The big party.

This will be on the main Saints day and either open air or in a tent.  These public parties are often exempt from Ibiza’s music laws, making for a great late night party, often on the beach.


Several of the biggest fiestas, notably San Antonio (Saint Bartholomew fiestas) and Ibiza Town, culminate in a spectacular firework display at midnight on the main Saints day.

Sant Josep fiesta

Sant Josep fiesta mass and pardon

Religious observation & procession.

This will also be on the main Saints day, often at 12 noon, and always with a procession and service at the local church. Visitors are most welcome, and there are often traditional folk dances and other cultural events held at the same time. A great opportunity to get to see something of traditional Ibiza.

Children’s Activities.

Almost always on the Saints day and often in a series of events either side. Expect puppet shows and clowns, circus acts and learning circus skills, sandcastle competitions and much more.

Live Music

Better put as live music with the added magic of open air concerts. Everything from Hip Hop to Heavy Metal, from Reggae to Rock and Roll, and do not be surprised to see a full blown symphony orchestra on the programme.

Gastronomy & Markets

Ibiza is very proud of its local produce and never misses an opportunity to offer their wares to the world. Think Sobrasada spicy sausage, Flao, a kind of  mint cheesecake, and the aquired taste that all us residents have enjoyed aquiring, Hierbas, the Ibizan liquer.

Food events may include tastings of local specialities, wines, almonds etc, plus public dinners with a giant Paella or fresh barbecued sardines.

Markets offer a chance to try and buy the local produce, and also see artisan handicrafts being made.


Marathons, kayaking, cycling, beach rugby, archery, and many more. Every fiesta comes with a good line up of events for spectators and participants.


There is so much during the year. Some events may be familiar such as classic cars rallies, outdoor cinema, discos, countryside walking, etc. Others are  uniquely Ibiza, such as the Romans vs Carthaginians annual battle when opposing sides pelt each other with rotten tomatoes on San Antonio beach.

Ibiza Villa Booking Tips

Only in Ibiza – Annual Romans vs Carthaginians Tomato battle

Some are modest and intimate, the Es Cubells (see feature image) fiesta feels like a return to a bygone age. Some are on a big scale, Ibiza Town’s medieval festival includes knights jousting on horseback.

But big or small most are free to access. Adding value was one of the Ibiza Villa booking tips we promised you, so with that time to sum up.

Ibiza Villa Booking Tips

So we have covered the extra value, and hope you have seen something of some extra interest and fun.

There is one other very good reason to consider the fiesta calendar when booking, even if you intend to be permanently on the beach. Bad weather is a rarity, but of course it can happen. Should lady luck not be on your side, having the back up of fiesta events will be a welcome diversion. Much better than staring out of the Villa window with a ‘what do we do now?’ expression on your face.

When are the Fiestas?

In this article we have introduced Ibiza’s summer fiestas as part of a series of Ibiza Villa booking tips. Next time we will run through the Island fiesta calendar. But if you are looking to book before then do contact us saying when you are thinking of booking. We will be pleased to give you the low down on the fiestas around that time.


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