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Publish Date: 27/02/2016

Ibiza on a budget; can it be done? Well the answer is yes.

I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to blow €25 on a single gin and tonic, that’s right you heard me, €25 for a mixer and spirit in some of the super clubs! They do free pour drinks so a cheeky wink may get you an extra drop or two but it’s going to break the bank, pretty quickly. It doesn’t end here either you can pay up to €80 for entry to some parties! So what do you do?

You hear plenty of horror stories of people blowing all of their money on their first night in Ibiza and having to go back to what’s meant to be summer in the UK.  So I have prepared a few tips to help you survive and keep Mr piggy bank happy!

All inclusive hotels
Have you considered an all inclusive hotel? There are so many on the island that include 3 meals a day and unlimited drinks. Our top picks are the Mare Nostrum and Algarb. Check them out and other great hotels here

Coming in a big group?
Villa hire often works out much more affordable than hotels if you are a big group. Ibiza Hire have villas located all over the island, whether you want to be close to all the action or in a more secluded destination, there is a villa perfect for you! Some of the villas on the island can sleep more than 20 people, but there are villas for all sized groups to. If there are more than 6 of you it is most definitely worth considering. Check out some of our villa collection here

Villa Bellissima (37)

Eating out
Do you really have to eat out every meal? Why not make a trip to the supermarket on your first day and stock? Buy some fresh fruit and muesli bars or anything you can grab on the run! Let’s face it if you have a hangover you will be grateful you have something you can curl over and munch on to numb the pain.

Pizza in Ibiza not only rhymes but it’s also an Ibiza favourite. For only €4 you can pick up a massive slice of pizza with all of your favourite toppings at most hours of the day and night. Space even has their own pizza bar inside; I have been known to chow down a piece mid rave!

Probably my favourite place on earth is Ibiza Town and it isn’t just because I can score myself an entrée, main and a drink from €10. After some authentic Spanish cuisine leaving you busting at the seams you can burn it all off at the picturesque old town, Dalt Vila. The medieval castle is a pleasant walk up the old cobbled streets and when you make it to the top you have an amazing 360 view of Ibiza; it’s just magic. You can stand behind the giant canons where once the soldiers used to wait to fight their enemies. What’s better is this view is priceless!


Hire a car and see the sites
You can hire a car for as little as €40 a day so between 4 of you that’s only €10 each. Fill the boot up with a picnic, sunscreen and a towel and you can go exploring all over the island!

Car Hire Ibiza

There is way more to Ibiza than partying. If we had a car for one day here is what we would do:

Hippy markets
Here you are sure to find something special to take home to rub it into your friends and family how much fun you had! There are various hippy markets to check out all over but the Las Dalias market in San Carlos is open all year round from 10am to 6pm so at least you know it will be open any day you decide to go. We recommend going early to miss the crowd and first in first served for the amazing items for sale.


Es Vedra
We all like a bit of mystery and you will know exactly what we are talking about when this magnificent rock in the middle of the ocean comes into site. The limestone mass is 380m above the waters of Cala D’Hort. There are many different locations people choose to gaze and enjoy the beauty of what’s been said have a magnetic field as powerful as the Bermuda triangle. Many have claimed to see mermaids, UFO’s and more!  No matter where you choose to see Es Vedra you are in for a treat.


With over 50 beaches to choose from you can’t possibly see them all. Our top picks are:
Aguas Blancas – it is rarely to busy and we love the natural mud you can cover yourself with for a free all over body detoxification (perhaps go on your last day). This is also an official nudist beach and when we say nude we mean it.
Las Salinas – if you are going to spot a celebrity at the beach you will see them here and if you don’t you will enjoy crystal clear waters and lots of trendy restaurants.
Cala Saladita – not sure if we should be telling you about this hidden gem! The waters are bright turquoise  and not much shade so perfect to work on that tan! It’s a bit of a hike to get there but totally worth it.
Cala Conta – one of the most amazing sunsets you will see in Ibiza and due to shallow waters it is usually always warm so a great beach to be at after dark. The music coming from Sunset Ashram always sets a great mood as well.

Ibiza Beach Clubs

For more information about car hire here

Free parties
That’s right you can see some of the world’s most famous DJ’s for FREE!
Our favourite place is the sunset strip in San Antonio. Take a stroll down the strip and as you make your way around the bend you will walk past various bars. Café del Mar, Savannah and Café Mambo often have pre-parties paired with the super clubs. One day you can see Steve Aoki  and the next MK. Keep an eye on their social media for details! What is even better is you can take your own beers onto the rocks and enjoy one of the best sunsets on the island. Just make sure you dispose of the bottles in the bins provided.

Other hot spots to keep an eye out for include the Ushuaia Tower rooftop, Sands, Lips and Bora Bora in Playa d’en Bossa! Be sure to follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with all that’s happening in Ibiza.


VIP Tables
Most people see the word VIP and run off thinking they are going to be up for thousands. Ultimately it can work out much cheaper if you’re a big drinker or part of a larger group. VIP tables start from €200 per person (minimum 2 people) and includes a bottle of spirit with mixers, club entry and the best view in the house. Think about it, if you’re paying €50-€70 on a club ticket and €25 a drink then you’re getting your money’s worth pretty quickly and having an experience you will never forget.
Find out more about VIP tables here

Pacha VIP Tables Ibiza (1)

We hope that our tips have been helpful. If you are on a budget our friendly team are here to help, send us an email with any questions you may have to:  info@ibizahire.com

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to Ibiza this summer.



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