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Interview with Danny Clockwork Orange

On the 25/7/14 The legendary Clockwork Orange returns to Es Paradis once more, we caught up with non other than Mr Danny Gould for a brief chat…..

  • Clockwork Orange was a true Ibiza institution, but we know it began in London. What was the inspiration behind the name of the parties in the beginning?

Myself and Andy were walking around London, going through all sorts of silly names, we got stuck on Baby Love as we thought the girls would like the name, we then walked into this memorabilia shop in Soho and we spotted the Clockwork Orange poster with the glass and the lights went on and we both said….’Clockwork Orange. ‘

  • You broke the club record for attendance at Es Paradis in 1997. Why do you think Es Paradis works so well as a venue for Clockwork?

Clockwork has no airs and graces when it comes to San Antonio and Ibiza town, our crowd was San Antonio with a Balearic blend of friends made over the years, we grew up in San Antonio, we loved Es Paradis, it was our spiritual home, we blew the roof off that gaff literally, in 1998 we had 3500 people and the electrics shorted, Pepe had to open the roof to let the heat out, we got on the microphone and said the roof is open just like the old days and everyone cheered.

  • Which track will always remind you of the days of Clockwork in Ibiza whenever you hear it?

El Nino 1998. Everytime.


  • What is your favourite memory or anecdote from the Ibiza days? 

Ibiza is magic pure and simple, I have millions of memories but as I said on Tv once, I remember walking to the top of the stairs in 1994, the atmosphere hit me and I thought ‘we created this.’

  • Clockwork was famous for having larger than life characters associated with it, yourself included! Will some of those characters be joining you for the reunion?

All the characters are assembling for this one, a true Ibiza gathering of all the 1990s faces. I don’t large it anymore like in those days as they nearly killed me, 10 years clean and sober is Danny Gould.

  • Clockwork Orange clearly has a special place in many people’s hearts, this is obvious in how many people attend the reunions in London. What do you think it is about Clockwork that still brings people together after all these years?

The music, the venues, the promotion, the faces, the buzz, it’s what clockwork was all about and has recreated today, those attending clockwork are the more mature crowd like mums and dads and clockwork transports them back to their youth.

  •  What can your diehard fans expect from the 20 year Anniversary reunion in Ibiza this summer?

Mas and Pas misbehaving just like the old days and showing the kids what the 90s were all about.

  • How do you think the new generation of clubbers will react to some old school partying? Think they will be able to take the pace?

When Clockwork went off nobody touched us, that’s for us to reignite for the anniversary. Its an eye opener.

  •  How has life changed for you personally in the last 20 years?

Clockwork was my life, is my life and always will be, it took me places truly amazing, it gives me the opportunity to live in the best place in the world and spend all summers there, eat in beautiful restaurants every night, spend days on the beaches, meet beautiful girls and party like no tomorrow, that all changed in 2001 when I left as the scene had changed, every day, every week, month and year I dreamed of glories again, Clockwork is my baby. Now it’s my buzz in life as I took the chemicals and booze out 10 years past. Now I’m Gouldy the sober one, as opposed to the lunatic I was in Clockworks 90s years.

  • What does the future hold for Clockwork Orange? Any plans for world domination?

It is what it is, it is all about the buzz, when that goes so do the parties. We only do the best parties.

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