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Nagai Restaurant Ibiza

Nagai Restaurant Ibiza
On what has become known as Ibiza’s ‘restaurant road’, the San Juan road, nestled between grand trees and even grander hillsides, sits Nagai Restaurant: a picturesque and peaceful oasis of Japan in the heart of the Ibiza countryside.

Whether you are a sushi lover or just a lover of exquisitely fashioned fusion food, Nagai has everything and anything you could wish or hope for from a truly extensive menu featuring International and Japanese dishes, modified to titillate the most discerning palates.

With a strong family feel and, quite literally, one of the finest chefs on the planet, Nagai delights in making all clientele feel instantly at home before serving a wonderful mix of food and drink to your table.

An enchanting mix of Japanese garden, Ibicencan finca and modern design flourishes, Nagai Ibiza offers a setting to calm the senses whilst delighting in some of the finest and healthiest food you could hope to find anywhere.

The Food
Fabulous Fusion Feast
The menus at Nagai are as extensive as they are delicious and designed to suit all tastes including, uniquely for Ibiza, numerous vegan options.
Traditional Japanese Cuisine, including Udon and Soba noodles, Tempura, pickled vegetables as well as crunchy Karaage chicken.
Sushi and Sashimi made with the freshest fish, choice seaweed, home-made wasabi, organic Japanese rice and low-salt soya sauce.
A Fusion menu including rosemary and almond crust white fish, Turbot in seaweed tempura with a honey mustard sauce and home-made desserts like the apple millefeuille with honey and cinnamon, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, to name but a few dishes.

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The Drinks
Cocktails, Sakes, Wines & Teas
The cocktail bar at Nagai beckons with a natural smile from the entrance gate… A safe haven to have a drink and check out the surroundings!
Next, comes the tough decision of which drink to begin with… A premium sake experience, a fresh creative cocktail with wasabi or ginger or some extraordinary Japanese Sencha tea? Or, why not try them all?
Start with a Sake Cocktail, continue with some cold sake, enjoy your meal with a bottle of carefully chosen Spanish wine and enjoy dessert with a green tea or go on to a Perfect Serve Gin, Olé!

The House
Each room of the over 250 year old Finca, or farmhouse known as Ca’n Reiet, (House of the little King), is oozing with charm, history and little anecdotes.There is the private back room which used to be the kitchen, the main living room with fireplace and alcoves where the children used to sleep to keep warm and the main entrance with high ceilings and a real feeling of being at the centre of things.

The landlord’s father, was born here and used to visit every day until he passed away in 2013. A true “little king” over his territory!

The Terrace
As you walk in, the first thing you notice is the permaculture dome on the right, the lush green of fresh lemongrass plants and the scent of fresh Jasmin flowers in bloom. Then you feel the warmth of the two side walls, enveloping you in a welcoming embrace, the little side lounges, covered porches held in place by the central ancient olive tree. Soft lighting, mesmerizing wall paintings, wood and iron set on a mosaic of pastel tiles.

Each table, somehow different, offering a special feeling and view… perhaps even close to the live band, creating a magical and unforgettable ambiente!

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