Secret Sunset Spot In Ibiza – Punta de sa Pedrera

We all know that Ibiza is a world renowned destination  when it comes to places to watch the sunset. When visiting Ibiza you really are spoilt for choice. Whether it be the lively vibe of Mambos terrace, the laid back atmosphere at Benirras beach or the stunning vistas from Cala Conta you are sure of an unforgettable experience.

Every night 1000s of people flock to the West coast of Ibiza  to relax, chill, soak up the atmosphere as the sun fades away. Not only does this mark the end of the day but signals the start of the night – when Ibiza springs into life.

We have recently published a  blog “The Best Sunset Spots In Ibiza” but this was primarily focusing on the popular places to watch the sunset.  Benirras beach, Hostal La Torre and San Antonio’s sunset strip all places you have perhaps heard of before feature in this post. 

On the 2/5/21 lockdown restrictions were eased slightly meaning exercise was possible and we could venture outside our houses. Only being able to travel a short distance and for a certain time I knew of a place within 15-20 mins walk (or so google told me). A small rocky outcrop known as Punta de sa Pedrera – with the best view 50 meters to the right. 

The idea for this post was to find a place that even in the height of summer you might be lucky enough to have this spot to yourself………..  No bars, music,shops, toilets are close by so pack your cool bag with a beer, grab a bag of nibbles and let’s go.

Our tip… spend the day at Port des Torrent beach and head here for the sunset.

Where Is This “Secret Spot” located close to – Punta de sa Pedrera

This is a relatively easy spot to find although involves walking across the rocks. Situated 20 mins walk  (900meters around the rocks) from the main beach of Port des Torrent – here is the best starting point.  

Make your way to the large free parking area at the top of the steps to the beach. The google location is here  Car Park Port Des Torrent  

If you are feeling really lazy or unable to walk the full distance you can drive your car to this location and then its only 5 mins walk across the rocks. 

A small supermarket is located just at the top of the steps – perfect for stocking up on drinks/snacks. 

  • To the left of the beach you will see the  jetty where the water taxis to/from San Antonio  ferry people back and forward.Follow the coastline keeping the sea on your right side and after around 5 mins / 100meters  you will see some the old fisherman’s huts in the distance.
  • Head towards these.  From the beach to the fisherman’s huts it is approx 500m. You might find the odd nude swimmer taking a dip here.

  • From the last fishermans hut continue straight ahead for 150m. You will see a large rock that stands out – this is the reference point.

  • Once at this rock you will find Punta de sa Pedrera (see below)

  • From here it’s just 50m to your left (the direction of where the sun should be be now) and just find a spot to watch the Ibiza Sunset.

Punta de sa Pedrera, Ibiza 

You may have also heard of a popular tourist spot here in Ibiza “Atlantis” – Punta de sa Pedrera is known as mini Atlantis.  Located just to the West of Port des Torrent and approximately 6km drive from San Antonio Town 

Punta de sa Pedrera is now a local beauty spot created due to its former use as a small scale quarry. You can easily see how the stone has been carved from the cliffs leaving.  With one end open to the sea, natural erosion has transformed the quarry into what now resembles a small lagoon. If you are feeling adventurous you can go down here but be careful!  

As you turn back you can also see evidence of a construction housing  project that was never completed. The roads, street and even shell of houses is in place – the only inhabitants you might find are the occasional squatters and people with mobile homes.

Please let us know if you do make it here on our social media pages 


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