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Space Closing Party: The Final Fun Cheer!

 Just like leaves falling from a tree mark the onset of Autumn, the first Sunday of October (But until recently, the last Sunday of September) marks the end of the clubbing ‘season’ here in Ibiza.

And on that day, there’s only one place to be of you like dance music.

Space, in Playa d’en Bossa!

Although Circo Loco at DC10 follows on the Monday, Space closing is seen by many as the last big ‘hurrah’ of the season because of its history, its top quality DJ line-up, for the sheer size of the spectacle and the numbers of people who attend.

Music lovers fly in to Ibiza from all over the globe, specifically for this weekend’s festival-like party atmosphere at probably the most famous club in the world.

From 4.30pm, more than 7000 people will join together in six different areas of the club, feeling a mixture of sadness and elation.

Sadness because this really is the final time to push the party boat out, and elation because it’s guaranteed that over the next fourteen hours or so they’ll have the most amazing time!

Since it opened in 1989, having previously been a conference hall, Space has won more awards than any other club in the world. And if you come to one of their parties, you’ll easily see the reason why.

Although the open-air terrace was covered some years ago due to noise restrictions, it truly is still a unique area. The light show, amazing sound system and atmosphere are unlike anywhere else in clubbing.

Of course, for the closing party there are lots more rooms to investigate than just the terrace (With a different DJ and style of music in each), including a massive tent and stage erected in what is normally part of the car park.

If you’re lucky enough to be going this year and it’s your first time, we’d recommend arranging a meeting point as soon as you arrive. Due to the sheer size and number of rooms, if somebody from your group does go missing, it’ll make it much easier for them if they know where to head if they want to be found!

A trip to the bar or toilet can take much, much longer than usual, not just because of the crowds, but because there’s always somebody interesting who wants to do a ‘stop and chat’ on the way there or back…..or in the queue!

Talking of queues, we’d also suggest hitting a few bars (Or the supermarket and Bora Bora beach if you’re really hardcore!) before going into the club, as drinks prices at any of the myriad of bars are typical for a superclub. Although not as expensive as some other venues, you should expect to pay up to €8-€12 for a drink.

But HEY! It’s Space Closing, you’re dancing while the sun is still up and you’re having an amazing time, so it’s WORTH IT!

The closing of Space is always an Ibizahire ‘must do’, no matter how busy we are. We love the music, the atmosphere, the different types of people you’ll meet and the whole festival feel that goes with starting your clubbing during the daytime.

Once you’ve visited a few bars (Or Bora Bora beach!), get yourselves into the entry queue nice and early so you can spend as much time as possible wandering around the club, soaking up the atmosphere.

There’s that word ‘atmosphere’ again!

Don’t forget that we can help you find somewhere to sleep and recover from your marathon dancing session, as well as provide discounted entry tickets, transport and anything else you may need to make your stay in Ibiza as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Everyone here at Ibizahire has their own ‘Space Closing Story’ to tell. If you’re going to this year’s party on October 7th, come and find us, buy us a drink, and we’ll tell you one or two of them!

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