The Best Sunset Spots In Ibiza

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Publish Date: 25/04/2020

Es Vedroa At Sunset

Sunsets.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in the world.  Sunsets are quite frankly a wondrous experience for all.

For some, sunsets may evoke an emotional or spiritual reality, whilst for others the pure wonder of nature and excitement of observing those evening lit skies of crimson, fierce fire orange, ablazing red, dusky pinks, purples and blues – is an invigorating experience.

Ibiza is quite possibly one of the best places in the Mediterranean to see extraordinary sunsets. Our island is very clean with minimal air pollution, making our skies a free canvas for mother nature to paint as beautifully as she likes.

And, for the majority of the time, with the exception of really bad stormy days, where the clouds are more than marginally thick, we are embraced by the warmth and beauty of sunset skies every evening.

Come winter or summer, masses of tourists and residents in Ibiza gather together to revisit the wonders of mother nature across a variety of magical spots on the island.

Every sunset offers a new magic, no two sunsets in Ibiza are the same.  And likewise, each location represents its own individuality and unique atmosphere.

Here are some of the best places to watch the sunset in Ibiza.


Sunset Spot in Ibiza: Benirras 

The Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza - Benirras  

Benirras is a beautiful cove in the north of the island and symbolises a rather mystical aspect of Ibiza. 

Throughout the day the beach is booming with a multi-community of friends, families and individuals soaking up the heat of the sun and revitalizing in the shade of the local beach bars and stylish Mediterranean chiringuitos. 

When the heat of the day comes to an end, summer bathers often head home, and a new influx of guests arrive, lay down their blankets and prepare for an evening of a spectacular Ibiza sunset, especially on Sunday’s. 

The imagery from a far is much like an outdoor drive through movie showing. Friends shoot over to the beach pizzeria, return with their steaming hot Italian take away and celebrate the entire experience. If you are early enough to arrive before the crowds then you may just get the best seat in the house. A purpose-built picnic table set up high in the cliff directly overlooking the water. 

However, there is so much more to Benirras.  The old fishermen’s huts are home to a local group of typical hippy lifestylers playing drums, percussion instruments and singing at almost every summer sunset as a regular ritual.  A ritual which has existed for almost 30 years. 

Many individuals, both local and tourists come to Benirras merely for this experience and too connect with the sunset as they meditate and perform group ceremonies on the shore of the water’s edge. 

On the horizon, surrounded by an array of yachts and boats is the islet, Es Cap Bernat. The mystical rock, 27 metres high is directly in the centre of the bay, otherwise known as the “finger of God” and perfectly creates a unique and picture-perfect mirage of colours. 

After sundown, the night continues, the small market stalls are bustling with vibrancy just outside Elements Ibiza bar and restaurant.  And, if you didn’t take a seat there to watch the sunset, then you will (no doubt) be tempted to stop by after leaving the beach at this boho chic and whitewashed rustic beach bar, just to keep the exciting and authentic Ibiza sunset experience alive.


Sunset Spot in Ibiza: Cala Conta

The Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza - Cala Conta

Cala Conta is a top favourite west coast beach hot-spot situated close to Sant Antonio.  These two spectacular sunset beaches, Cala Comte and Racó d’en Xic have both been awarded blue flags for its absolute perfection and superb maintenance by the local Sant Josep de Sa Talaia authorities.

Cala Conta is nothing short of an oasis of expansive crystal clear turquoise waters and outrageous Ibiza sunsets due its west facing position.  Many will travel whether by foot or car for the entire evening, just to experience the fiery reds and golden art that appears throughout the sky to mark the end of the day. 

Much like Benirras, crowds gather in the many and plant themselves periodically across the sand, up on the rocks or at the local sunset bars with cameras to hand ready to get that instagramable shot that will have the entire social network in awe. 

Ibiza’s sunsets at Cala Conta beaches both host views of the islet of S’illa des Bosc which allows for a unique focal point to watch the sun dissolve behind.

Local trending bars are few and far between, so pre-booking a table especially in the height of the season is an absolute must.  The Sunset Ashram Beach Bar serves outstanding cocktails, food and often has great DJ’s playing in the background on any given night.  

Front row seats directly overlooking the water and onto the glorious sunset in which we endeavour to view and marvel over here, will not be forgotten here.


Sunset Spot in Ibiza: Cala d’Hort 

The Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza - Cala d’Hort 

Es Vedrà, an islet that holds many mystical myths and legends and thought to be home to the Goddess of Ibiza, Tannit.  This rock majestically sits just off the shore of Cala d’Hort beach and attracts tourism globally.  Even though it’s saga and stories are likely fictional, the area certainly holds a unique magic of its own, even if it cannot fully be explained. 

Cala d’Hort beach is a small, intimate bay that offers peace and tranquility.  However, the cove is not an isolated spot to gaze upon these spectacular sunsets overlooking Es Vedra. 

There are many hillside climbs and surrounding walkways high up in the cliffs or on top of the nearby Pirate Tower, where you can take a pew and observe the stunning scenery from a different perspective.  

Wherever you choose to sit and watch the sunset in the area, we promise miracles await you. 

Similar to Benirras many seek a spiritual experience due to it’s supposed magnetic energies and it is not unusual to see rituals and the sound of drums beating in the far distance. 

Many will uphold the magic of the Ibiza sunset in Cala D’Hort overlooking Es Vedra is the most majestic of all sunsets in Ibiza. 


Sunset Spot in Ibiza: San Antonio Sunset Strip 

The Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza - San Antonio Sunset Strip 

Without a shadow of a doubt, San Antonio Sunset Strip pulls in crowds by the multitude. All summer long the strip along the promenade is filled with cocktails bars, restaurants and renowned DJ’s playing all day and late into the night. 

Grab yourself a cocktail at the renowned Café Mambo, Mint Lounge, Savannah  or Café Del Mar, sit at a casual bar, perch yourself on the rocks in front of the water’s edge, simply stroll up and down absorbing as much as possible or take a famed sunset boat ride out at sea to watch Ibiza most renowned Sunset.  

The options are endless on Sunset Strip. Just make sure you get yourself down there and experience the best pre-party before hitting the clubs and join the epic atmosphere that surrounds sundown in San Antonio – we guarantee it will be memorable.

Magnificent sunsets in Ibiza are not limited to our top favourites.  They exist in a myriad of small coves, bays and hidden spots.  The best is always west facing, so if you’re unsure where or when to go, just be sure you head in that direction to ensure the perfect Ibiza sunset experience.


Sunset Spot in Ibiza: Hostal La Torre 

The Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza - Hostal La Torre 

Hostal La Torre is a small boutique hotel perched on the clifftop on the outskirts of San Antonio. Surrounded by nature and overlooking the islands of Isla Conejera it is becoming one of the hot spots to watch the magical Ibiza Sunset. 

A much more chilled out, laid back atmosphere than San Antonio sunset strip. Head there early for a fantastic Mediterranean meal, sample world class wines while listening to the live music / Djs play a soundtrack to the sunset. 

Our tip: Check out the upstairs roof terrace that not many people find.

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