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Top 5 Ibiza Sunsets


Ibiza is famous for many attractions, none more naturally beautiful than its sunsets. The western coast of the island has many prime locations where people gather to watch the sun disappear beneath the Mediterranean sea. An equally famous aspect to Ibiza is the notorious nights out. The perfect start to a night out on the island should always start with the calming effect of the Ibiza sunset, a perfect end to your day too. For first time visitors to Ibiza, we have chosen a few of our favourite spots to watch the sunset:

5 – Cala Vadella


There are numerous bays on the west coast of the island to watch the sunset from. Some are more intimate than others, but at Cala Vadella you can expect to be joined by a peaceful crowd all sharing the same beautiful experience. Cala Vadella has a small number of bars and restaurants which compliment the nature of the bay. During the day, Cala Vadella is a popular place for sun-worshippers. It can be reached by car in just 15 minutes from San Antonio.

4 – Cala Gracioneta

For a more intimate sunset, the beach of Cala Gracioneta is one of Ibiza’s hidden gems. 5 minutes north of San Antonio; it is a wonderfully peaceful alternative to the hectic sunset strip, despite its close proximity. By day Cala Gracioneta is easily one of the most relaxing places in Ibiza. The renowned El Chiringiuto restaurant is one of Cala Gracioneta’s focal points. Raised above the sands of the beach if you are lucky enough to secure a table for sunset, this will be a real highlight of your time on holiday.

3 – Sa Talaia

A less common option to watch the sunset is surprisingly to head inland. Near the town of Sant Josep you can find the tallest mountain in the whole of Ibiza: Sa Talaia. As you would expect from this vantage point you can see panoramic views of the whole island. If unsure where to go, this is the place where you can see San Antonio in its entirety. It is a tricky journey to get to the top of Sa Talaia. Despite having a road up to the top, many choose to leave their cars at the bottom and walk up, which can take up to 45 minutes. There is however, not much more of a satisfying sight once you reach the summit.

2 – Es Vedra


For many people, when they close their eyes and think of Ibiza, they picture Es Vedra. The mysterious rocky island, just of the coast of Can Jondal, has a lot of legendary stories attached to it. A brilliant view can be seen by watching the sun set from the coast of Ibiza and disappear behind Es Vedra. Of course with Es Vedra being offshore, the best place to see it impressively tower out of the water is by boat. Ibizahire.com can offer some amazing sunset boat charters.

1 – Cafe Mambo

cafe mambo

The most famous talked about Ibiza sunsets are those seen from Cafe Mambo. For years, the sunset strip has seen thousands gather each night during the summer to celebrate this spectacle. A similar view can be seen at all the venues on sunset strip. Mint Lounge, Cafe Del Mar and Savannah are always equally busy, but Ibiza veterans will tell you Cafe Mambo is the real sunset experience. The only thing that impairs the view of the thousands watching, is the number of boats dotted along the coastline; all anchored ready to watch the sunset too. Contact us now to find out how you can join us on the water for the most relaxing Cafe Mambo sunset.

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