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Travelling from Ibiza to the UK by ferry – Part 1 Ibiza to Bilbao

Ahhh the delights of heading back to the Uk from Ibiza…..by car…with a dog!

First stop is the ‘Wonderful’ baeleria ferry crossing- there are many routes you can take to
the mainland such as Valencia, Barcelona and Denia leaving from both Ibiza town and San Antion Port.

Our route took us from San Antonio to Denia with this being our first departure from San Antonio and the new ferry terminal in place things looked to be a smooth departure.

We arrived with the loaded van to the port with cars flowing to the embarking point, no car park attendant in site we parked alongside the other cars and waited to be instructed otherwise. 30 minutesto departure and at last some Balearia staff were here to check tickets. We had already checked in at the office and everything was in order…. Until they decided the van was infact longer than we had paid for5 minutes to departure and the fun began with changing the ticket… With the ticket already priced at 160€ for a 4hour crossing (including the 50% residence discount) they certainly don’t make it cheap for the non-residents wanting to take a trip over to our beautiful island we had to upgrade the ticket……! Overall the standard and facilities of the boat where more than adequate for such a short crossing as at your disposal you have several cafes/bars/lounges a shop and even a cinema!

We arrived in Denia 15 mins early than expected and was lucky to be one of the first from the boat. Denia reminded us of then Ibiza Town skyline and marina but on a slightly bigger scale – definitely worth a longer stop here if possible, perhaps on the way back!

The drive to Bilbao  was expected to take approx 8/9 hours and we had 22hours spare so we had pre-arranged a stay overnight in a great value hotel (that allows dogs to stay) on the outskirts of Valencia. For 45€ for the night there were no complaints, a private room with bathroom, large comfy bed, free Internet access and a TV – can highly Recommend staying with Ibis hotels. We chose the hotel as it was enroute and only a few 100meters from the motorway and Valencia airport! In the neighbourhood we managed to find a local Chinese restaurant “bar Oeste” where bottles of Amstel beer where only 1.20€ – we knew we were not in Ibiza now!

The next day was an early start and after the Sat Nav decided that we wanted to go back towards Ibiza we eventually were on the road to Northern Spain.  The journey itself is very easy (but very long). The roads are great, hardly any traffic and the tolls for 600miles of roads only costing 40€ and one tank of Diesel! The kilometers soon went down as we headed through the heart of Spain, one thing we noticed is the large scale renewable energy systems that Spain has in place with many wind/solar farms also between the little Spanish town we saw amazing scenery including Forrest’s, snow-capped mountains and crazy rock formations! At 4pm we arrived at the port of Bilbao where the ship Brittany-Ferries – Cap Finistere was disembarking from her previous voyage. All that was left the do now was wait 4 hours – thank god for iPad as we made a start on the films we had downloaded to watch!


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