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VIP in Ibiza – what’s all the hype about?

It’s not on the dance floor in Ibiza’s superclubs where all the action happens, it’s in the VIP section. Behind the red rope is where the celebrities hang out, with many being spotted over the years. From Anne Hathoway at Pacha Ibiza for Flower Power , Paris Hilton in just about every VIP on the whole island, the famous Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber punch (also involving Leonardo DiCaprio flicking him away), P Diddy, the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, Will Smith and then of course all of your favourite UK reality stars that flock to Ocean Beach Club every summer. We could talk about all the celebrities you are going to see in VIP all day long but there are more exciting things to VIP than that!


Exclusive express entry. The VIP entrances are separate from the main entry which means no lining up. Trust us the lines can get crazy and by crazy we mean insane! Plus rocking up to the secret entrance feels super special; you almost feel like one of the stars.

No waiting in line for drinks. You will have your very own personal waiter serving you with bottle service all night/day.  In addition to the table service there are also various bars you can buy drinks direct from. There is nothing worse than being stuck at the bar and missing out on all the fun.

You don’t need to buy tickets. With VIP your entry is included. As you can see VIP is already starting to sound pretty good. It is more affordable than you may think and we haven’t even told you half of what you are going to get yet.

Private areas brushing shoulders with Ibiza’s a-listers. You never know who you might bump into in the VIP section of the clubs, it is the Hollywood of Spain and where the rebellious party animal celebs flock to every summer. During the busy months you will be so grateful for having access to the private areas as on the dancefloor there can be a lot of shoulder grazing and foot crushing. Just to leave a club can take you more than 30 minutes trying to push your way through thousands of people.

You have the best of both worlds. You can venture out from VIP and be part of the dancefloor action. When it gets too much or you need a drink you can make your way back.

Your own table with security. Feet sore? Had enough dancing? Need a break? Sit down at your very own private table. For celebrities worried about being harassed you can also request for security to ensure a fun-filled night with no trouble makers.

The best view in the club. There is nothing worse when you have got to the club early to secure yourself centre stage position on the dancefloor to see your favourite DJ, to then have a 6ft tall giant stand in front of you and obstruct your view. In VIP you can select where you want to sit to ensure you don’t miss your favourite acts. In most clubs you can also walk from section to section to see everything going on in multiple rooms.

Private toilets. No lines, better mirrors and amenities. Let’s face it no one wants to spend half the night lining up at the toilets to find there is no toilet paper or soap. In VIP you won’t need to worry and quite likely you will have someone waiting to offer you mints, hand towels and even after shave to keep you smelling good.

So how does it work? You pay a minimum spend which includes all of the above benefits (VIP entry, private tables, drinks and so much more). Prices start from €200-250€pp. Remember standard entry club tickets can cost up to €80 with no drinks and drinks are €15-25 each. Think about it, if a  table for 4 is €200pp you would have a minimum spend of €800 to use towards your favourite bottles of spirits with mixers. Bottles of spirits start from 250€ so that’s a lot of booze and then there are all the other benefits as well.

What’s not to love about going VIP?

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