Walking with Ibiza Hire – Walking the Cliff Tops to Cala Llentrisca

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Publish Date: 23/09/2020

Walking to Cala Llentrisca

With the summer season of 2020 drawing to an end, it’s time to get excited for Autumn.  Both the autumn and winter months in Ibiza bring an exciting and unique group of opportunities with lots of exploring, video logs and regular updates about what to do and where to visit from us at the Ibiza Hire.  

If you haven’t visited the island during the less well- known months of the year, it’s time to get your hiking shoes on, and follow us on some adventurous tours to discover the real beauty of our island.

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This month we took a tour to the small village of Es Cubells and trekked the spectacular hidden coastal path, down to one of the most secret and secluded beaches in Ibiza, Cala Llentrisca.

So, without further adieu, let’s show you how you can get there!



Cala Llentrisca is a little unspoilt cove lined with fishermans huts, which is barely frequented by visitors.  Part of the Es Cubells area, this gravel-sanded beach follows the coastline of Es Cubells Beach, Ses Boques, Cala Llentrisca, Es Torrent and Porroig.   Completely isolated, Cala Llentrisca is the perfect spot to relax and recuperate, away from the rest of the world with incredibly attractive turquoise blue waters, perfect for swimming, snorkelling and paddle boarding.  

The secret hidden spot is so solitary, that it’s the very first time in 20 years we have ventured the spectacular rocky cliff route, but it sure was worth the effort!  Just beware, the journey is safe, but is also very rocky and narrow in places, although no sheer drops, it is quite a steep downhill hike, so take care. 


Cala Llentrisca, Es Cubells, San Jose


How to Get There

Es Cubells Church, located in the centre of the village is your landmark for starting off down to Cala Llentrisca beach.  From the top here, the breathtaking view point and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea are definitely worth a brief spot-off (either before or after you’ve ventured the walk), where you will stand in awe of the area’s vast landscapes and natural scenery, and of course, take some wonderful photographic memory moments.  

Whether by foot or by car, make a left at the church and follow the sign for Cala Llentrisca, then follow the road around the cliff edge.  Half way down, a second sign is stationed to show you’re on the right track, for both the beach itself, and additionally Restaurant Ses Boques.  This rustic beach restaurant is a highly recommended foodie hotspot and a fantastic fish restaurant.  The perfect final stop off, after the walk back up the cliffside, when a well-deserved meal time is calling!

After a 5-8min drive, the road comes to a dead end which is signalled with a road sign.  There is a small parking area here just before the tarmacked road leads into the dirt track.  This spot is the very closest you can get to any form of vehicle, before the walk begins.  Don’t worry there is a security guard operating on this road.  Just simply inform them your heading to Cala Llentrisca and you can be on your way!  At the very last house along the cliff, on the right hand side, starts the official coastal path down to Cala Llentrisca.


Es Cubells Village 

Few coffee shops, and stunning view – Restaurant Es Cubells, paella 

Es Cubells village is about 7km from the main village of San Jose.   The small authentic village is filled with natural charm and offers the most impressive mountain top scenery.  Asides from the cultural Ibizan church, not much else in the square resides, other than a little local authentic bar and restaurant (with fresh smelling paella escaping out from the kitchen), a small grocery store and a little children’s area.  The village, being one of the smallest on the island, is one almost untouched by tourism and gives a real sense of a traditional Ibiza.


Es Cubells Village Church


Ibiza Hire facts for walking Cala Llentrisca

  • Good walking footwear is an absolute must! 
  • Fit and Healthy / Medium to Hard Walking ability
  • Limited Parking
  • Be prepared with food and drink and plenty of sunscreen
  • No amenities or services past village of Es Cubells
  • Visit Restaurant Ses Boques if you can 
  • Check out Es Cubells Village Square and ViewPoint  

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