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Off-The-Wall Ibiza.

Those of you that read our blog regularly will know that we like to champion the things here in Ibiza that are somewhat different, our little bit of ‘off-the-wall Ibiza’.

The village of Santa Gertrudis is a magnet for the creatively-minded, and because of this the surrounding area has more than its fair share of the wonderfully wacky and artistically interesting.
Positioned geographically in the centre of the island, it is also the creative heart of Ibiza. Here you’ll find artists and artisans, painters and potters, carpenters and craftsmen.
Just 1,680 people live here and the village has a ‘frozen in time’ feel to it, so if a relaxing walk around and a café solo are what you’re looking for, it’ll suit you perfectly.

Because of the type of person that lives and works in the area, and therefore because of the market that creates, many ‘unusual’ types of retail therapy opportunities have sprung up.

One of the best – and certainly the biggest at 6000 square metres – is SLUIZ., and you’ll find their Santa Gertrudis site (they have another in San Jose) on the main road that runs between Ibiza town and San Miguel at the 4km marker.
If you don’t know the area, it’s very easy to find them. Look for the field full of  life-sized grazing, plastic cows at the side of the road! And from that statement, you’ll probably be able to guess what sort of shopping experience a trip to SLUIZ. involves.
The weird and wonderful, and colour, colour and MORE colour……and also some more sedate choices for those of a more conservative persuasion!

SLUIZ. promote themselves as ‘creative shopping’, and it’s easy to see why. Homeware and clothing are mostly their thing, with a definite twist in the design stakes on many of their lines.
It’s oh so easy to spend many hours wandering around, taking everything in, and it would also be just as easy to empty one’s bank account!
There really is a LOT to choose from, and a strong will is needed to resist the temptation to hit the checkout with a lot more than you originally went in for.
Don’t just see it as shopping, see it as ‘an adventure, an experience and an inspiration’, and a way to ‘make your lifestyle more colourful’, as they say on their website .





SLUIZ. also has a bar and fusion restaurant, participates in wine and record fairs, runs photography courses, is open 363 days of the year and during the winter has a cinema and live music. They also have some of the friendliest staff in Ibiza!

So if you ever find yourself with a few hours to spare in Ibiza and you fancy a spot of shopping with a difference, pay them a visit and afterwards check out the arts and crafts in Santa Gertrudis village for coffee and a creativity blast!

We’ll take a look at some of the other ‘unusual’ places you can visit on this blog over the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you’re planning a trip to Ibiza, please visit our accommodation and attractions pages.

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