Our Story

The roots of Ibizahire sprout from way back in 2001 when our fearless leader, Nick Murray, found himself donning the uniform of a holiday rep for the now-extinct tour company, Airtours. Taking a breather between college and uni, Nick’s quest for adventure led him to apply for the holiday rep gig after a wild trip with friends in Ibiza. Imagine his surprise when he was sent packing not to Ibiza, but to the bustling shores of Majorca! Yet, fate had its twists; one year stretched into two, and before he knew it, Nick found himself finally landing in the land of Ibiza for his third round.

But Nick’s dance with Ibiza didn’t start there; oh no! His love affair with the island traces back to the early 80s when he first dipped his toes into its shores during a family holiday. Some might call it destiny, others serendipity, but for Nick, it was just the beginning of a beautiful journey.

How the hire side of things started

Ah, the glamorous life of a travel rep! Dealing with holiday hiccups became Nick’s daily dance routine. Picture this: “My hotel room is a barren wasteland without a kettle, iron, or toaster!” “The airline turned my pushchair into modern art!” “My room’s as hot as a sauna without a hairdryer, fridge, or A/C!”

So Nick, armed with his trusty leaflets of salvation, sprinkled them like confetti in hotels across San Antonio. And what do you know? The hotline blinged! With no wheels or wares, Nick did what any self-respecting problem-solver would do: he summoned a moped, stocked up on gadgetry galore, and embarked on his noble quest: delivering peace, one hairdryer at a time. And just like that, Ibizahire was born.

The next step

Over the following years the hire business expanded island wide and with the amount of equipment we offered. A website was built and in addition to our own items we started to receive enquires for other services in Ibiza. Our website expanded to include car hire, boat charter and villa rentals – starting as agents and renting other people’s properties in ibiza. The next step came as we began to offer exclusivity and full management services to property owners – taking care of all aspects of the villa from maintenance to marketing, reservations to renovations and customer care to concierge…

Customer care and experience is at the forefront of everything we do and so we took it to the next step by offering a wide variety of activities and services to ensure our guests maximise their time and have the holiday they require. Services now include catering options, numerous activities and experiences, transportation around Ibiza, itinerary suggestions and planning, vip/club concierge packages.

From a concierge and event planning service our team arranges activities / events / wedding/parties for 1000s of people each summer.

Running alongside the expansion of our villa rentals and concierge service our equipment hire continues and grows each year. We still offer the very same small electrical items (that Nick delivered on his moped) but in addition we have various gym equipment, sound/lighting, mobility equipment, tables/chairs/cutlery for your wedding/event. We work closely with other agencies here in Ibiza and provide extra beds, linen, and premium items.

Things have changed from the first hairdryer rental delivered on a scooter but the passion for making sure our clients have their best Ibiza experience hasn’t.

Our Team

We started with Nick on a moped but over the years our team had expanded and grow. From the early years family members joined the crew, followed by friends, followed by like minded people who all have a passion for the island of Ibiza and ensuring our guests make the most of their precious holiday time.

The Ibizahire team consists of customer service agents, sales and administration, villa managers dedicated to taking care of our guests while on the island, maintenance and delivery teams, marketing and social media and our all-important cleaning team.

The combined number of years that our team have been in Ibiza would almost take us back to the dawn of time …

Our Mission 

  1. We recognise the invaluable nature of your holiday and vacation time. Thus, our mission is crystal clear: to empower our guests to seize every moment, shaping their experience precisely as they envisioned it.
  2. Our team epitomizes professionalism, boasting expertise and knowledge yet approachable personalities. We blend professionalism with a personal touch, ensuring every interaction is both competent and warm-hearted.
  3. To be mindful of the impact tourism has in Ibiza and endeavour to minimise our ecological footprint, championing sustainable practices that honour the island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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