Guide to Clubbing in Ibiza

Ibiza is renowned for being the clubbing capital of the world.

Home to several super clubs that host some of the most famous DJs and parties in the world: Super clubs such as Amnesia, Ushuaia, Hi Ibiza, DC-10, Privilege, Pacha, Eden, and Es Paradis area all prod to call Ibiza their home.

The partying is not only restricted to the night time. Over recent years daytime events have become equally popular with unforgettable parties at venues such as OBeach, Destino, Ushuaia, Blue Marlin and Ibiza Rocks. Whatever style of party you are searching for you are sure to find it here in Ibiza.

Guide To Clubbing In Ibiza

Ibiza is renowned for being the night clubbing capital of the world and boasts of the most exhilarating nightlife among clubbing fans. When it comes to clubbing and parties, you are never short of options or famous nights to attend.

Ibiza is home to several super clubs that host some of the most famous DJs in the world. Our clubs include Amnesia, Hi Ibiza, Ushuaia, Privilege, Pacha, Eden, DC10 and Es Paradis.

World-renowned superclubs, party hotels, beach bars, boat parties and some fantastic events in Ibiza; give you everything to make the most of Ibiza’s famous nightlife. During the summer season, many of the world’s leading DJs take up residences in the variety of super nightclubs and Ibiza’s best hotels.

So, what Ibiza dance club music is out there? The most popular choice and music style in Ibiza is inevitably House Music, where you can find every form imaginable. From Deep House to Funky House Music. Throw other genres such as Techno, Dance, Trance, Dubstep, Rnb and garage into the mix and now your talking. Clubbing can be expensive and with such an array of styles/parties/genres make sure you do your homework. Ensure the club/party/dj is the right one for you.

Daytime Parties in Ibiza

Sunshine, cold drinks, world famous Djs playing your favourite tunes and dancing with your friends – does it get better than that? In recent years day time events parties have become ever more popular. The shift started with the opening of Ushauia beach hotel – a venue dedicated to world class pool parties hosting Djs such as Guetta, Avicci, Like Mike, Dimitri from Vegas and Martin Garrix.

O beach, In San Antonio, is also up there – 7 days a week full of daytime party goers dancing to uplifting beats taking in the amazing production.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel – Daytime events including Craig Davids’ pool party and the amazing Lovely Laura on Sax.

Night Time Clubbing In Ibiza

Ibiza truly comes alive at night. Super clubs open around midnight and continue until 6/7am. Entry can cost anything from 25€ up to 70/80€ depending on the Dj playing. Truly unique and unforgettable parties every single night of summer.

Experience the CO2 cannons at Amnesia, party in the toilets or chill in the wigwam at Hi Ibiza, dance by the pool inside Privilege and Pacha’s roof terrace is not to be missed. Yes it might sound crazy but it all happens here in Ibiza.

San Antonio’s Sunset Strip

If you’re looking to start your Ibiza night out with a more relaxing nightlife experience, then you’re first choice could be Sunset Strip. A great spot to start your evening and a must visit destination at least once while in Ibiza. Thousands of people flock to San Antonio every even to witness the magical sunset. Book a table in a restaurant, have a cocktail on the terrace or simply buy your drinks from a supermarket and sit on the rock. The sunset strip is a great place to catch big name Djs playing their warmup sets – what’s more there is no entry fee. Listen to Balearic beats coming from places such as Mambo, Savannah and Café Del Mar then once the sun disappears Ibiza comes alive.

The long stretch of bars consuming Sunset Strip, San Antonio, Ibiza offers some of the best official pre-parties and come complete with breath-taking sunset views. Hence, its name, Sunset Strip.

It’s not hard to see why Ibiza is widely considered the clubbing and party capital of the world. Remember our team always on hand to help with planning a bespoke itinerary if you wish. Transport, Pre party restaurant reservations, VIP tables and more.

Ibiza Clubbing Tips
  • Most clubs open their door at midnight and stay open until around 6am -sometimes longer.
  • The door price for clubs is nearly always more than paying in advance.
  • If you are arriving at a venue for a certain act, take into account if you are not VIP there may be a lengthy queue.
  • Getting to the clubs can be difficult, especially if they are on the opposite side of the island. Most pre-parties offer free coach rides if you purchase a ticket there. The public ‘Discobus’ is purse friendly, but usually overcrowded. Taxis can be flagged if they have a green light, however these are nearly impossible to find available except at designated taxi ranks. Don’t forget we offer a private transfer service.
  • Remember these are the most fashionable clubs in the world and they like to keep their reputation. Smart trainers and even shorts can be okay, but no football shirts. We always recommend going as smart and stylish as possible.
  • Drinks prices are generally the same in most clubs. Expect to pay around 15€-20€ for spirits and mixers 10€ for a bottle of beer and 8€ for water. Don’t let this put you off though, you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime.

Updated May 2020

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