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Ibiza Wedding Locations


Weddings in Ibiza are a testament to the way that people fall in love with this island. Ibiza is for many, the destination that began their relationship; making it is a natural choice to return for their nuptials. Ibiza veterans will know that there are countless beautiful locations that could play host to such a special moment. The quiet ambience that you can find up in the mountains runs on an equilibrium with the celebrations you can find all summer in the hectic holiday resorts. What more could you look for in the destination to hold the best day of your life?


Of course there is a lot to think about for your wedding day. You need to consider what is going to make you the happiest, but also what will be most practical for your guests. There is an unmatched beauty in holding your wedding ceremony on an Ibiza beach or cliff top, so the thought of how you will be transferring your guests to different locations should not really alter your aspirations. We can take care of any transport issues for your guests and even suggest a selection of special options for you. Some of the natural locations that could host an Ibiza wedding look like they could have been designed for that very purpose. The attractive view of the Es Vedra island behind you, with the Ibiza sun shining down; is one of our favourites.


A more simple approach to an Ibiza wedding is to host the ceremony and the festivities at the same venue. We have a range of stunning villas that would be an equally perfect setting for you, your family and friends. To begin, have a look at our summer villa rentals in Ibiza, to find a venue to fall in love with for your big day. Some villas are even available to hire for just one day, whereas others are available weekly during the summer, depending on what kind of event you are thinking of.


We have a lot of contacts with other suitable types of venues for Ibiza weddings. There are a number of restaurants around the island that have a lot of experience in hosting Ibiza wedding ceremonies. Villa Mercedes for instance, is one of San Antonio’s most popular restaurants and a very desirable venue. More tranquil locations such as Cala Gracio and Gracioneta, containing the equally popular El Chiringuito restaurant, are also a possibility. Contact us to find out which other restaurants and beach clubs are famed for hosting large private events. We would be happy to recommend a venue that could play a part in your Ibiza wedding.


Akin to the numerous Ibiza restaurants that have been known to successfully host Ibiza weddings, some hotels around the island also offer a professional complete wedding service. Ibiza is home to some of the most prestigious hotels in the world and their ability to accommodate for your special day is second to none. Places such as Ibiza Gran Hotel, Atzaro and Hacienda are just some of the many venues that we have worked with. Similarly, if you would like us to recommend a venue that matches your requirements and expectations contact us now.


The location is the first fundamental thing to be happy with and the rest will all fall in to place. We can safely say that the island has a perfect location waiting to host your Ibiza wedding. Whether it is a mountain, cliff top, beach, restaurant, hotel or villa; we can help provide the best options available. Elsewhere, we can help with anything from transport and furniture to drinks and bartenders! If you would like to start making your dream Ibiza wedding a reality, please email info@ibizahire.com.

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