Our Guide To Working In Ibiza

OK so you’re thinking of taking the plunge and decided that’s 6 months in the sun is for you.

Working in Ibiza is one of the most rewarding summer jobs possible, the people you meet, the places you see the things you see and the hundreds of parties waiting to be enjoyed!

Have a browse through our guide and summer will be that little bit closer

OK so you’re thinking of taking the plunge and decided that’s 6 months in the sun is for you. Working in Ibiza is one of the most rewarding summer jobs possible, the people you meet, the places you see the things you see and the hundreds of parties waiting to be enjoyed!

Unfortunately unless you are bringing a huge suitcase full of money none of this will be possible without working. Here is our essential guide to help you have the best summer of your life.

What jobs are available?

PR work is by far the most popular job in Ibiza; this involves standing outside bars, clubs and other businesses trying to get customers in to part with their hard earned cash. Most people come looking for bar work but most of these places are taking up by workers from previous years – but if you’re in the right place at the right time you can be lucky. Other jobs to be found out here include working in restaurants, dancing in clubs, massaging on the beach, scuba instructing etc but places are very limited.

Alternatively you can apply to British tour companies to work as a holiday rep but this has to be done months in advance. Jobs here are very strict and the work and hours can sometimes get in the way of having fun.

When do I go to Ibiza?

The season runs from 1st May to October the 31st with the clubs opening early June until early October. To have an advantage it is best to arrive the first week in May.

The best way to get organized is to book yourself on a week or two week holiday at the beginning of the season. Tour companies offer great deals this time of year and flights and accommodation can be found for just a few hundred pounds. From here you can spend your time looking for work and long term accommodation – if it doesn’t work out at least you have your flight home.

How do I apply?

Unless you know someone in Ibiza the only way to apply is while you’re here on the island. Just get out and about and show your face everywhere possible. Ask everyone you see, go in every bar possible and check the notice board in the ship inn. The turnover of staff is quite high so every few days go round again.

Do I need any qualifications?

No not as such, experience is by far the best advantage to have when looking for work. Most employees will offer short trials for the places they are offering, make sure you work your hardest here. It is essential to have great personal skills and to be outgoing and sociable. Spanish is not essential although being in Spain it will help.

What are the working conditions and how much will I be paid?

The average wage is around 1000 euros a month this doesn’t include tips or incentives. It’s a good idea to have a little saved up to help you through the summer. The hours can be long and in some cases 7 days a week!

Where am I going to live?

At the beginning of the season there are many apartments available to rent for workers and the best way to find these are word of mouth – ask the bar owners, other workers and even shop keepers. Visit the Ship in at the top of the west end as many vacancies are posted here.

Make sure you look at about three of four before you make a decision as quality can vary greatly. As a rough guide a two bedroom apartment would set you back around 1000 euros a month (with one month deposit required in most cases) so most people share with friends etc.

A good idea is to book a cheap hotel/apartment for a week or fortnight and use this as a base to search for long term accommodation. Early season many hotels offer very low prices, please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist.

What are the benefits?

It is not possible to list all the benefits as there are too many. The sun, the beaches the people and not forgetting the best nightclubs with the best dj’s in the world. If you are lucky enough to spend the summer in Ibiza it will be the best summer you will ever have.

There is a massive workers community and everyone sticks together to help each other out. Most workers will receive passes which allow free entry and discounted drinks to most of the clubs. Also many of the bars and restaurants offer workers special prices.


By law employees have to ensure that all there staff have what is known as an NIE number, this is just to ensure that everyone on the island is registered. It is an easy process which involves going to the police station with the relevant forms, passport and photos. The forms and up to date info of how to obtain the NIE number can be obtained again from the ship inn.

Medical Information

It is advised before you travel to get your E111 card, this only entitles you to emergency medical treatment at a Spanish national health hospital. Most of the clinics in Ibiza are privately run and these WILL NOT treat you without medical insurance. We strongly advise that you take out a private travel policy for peace of mind, you also receive the benefits that the policies offer such as covering you for money loss and theft. We have teamed up with a leading supplier of travel insurance to give you excellent rates.

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